Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oops! Did I shock you?

DH told me last night that I should take another look at yesterday's post.  #6, specifically.  He said I made it sound like Hitch was still nursing when he was 7 years old and had his frenulectomy done.  He got a good laugh out of it.

I don't think Hitch would!  Let me just state for the record that he was weaned before his 2nd birthday.  I'm a fan of child-led weaning and long-term nursing, but 7 is a bit much even for me.  My record with 6 kids stands at 36 months---and I won't even tell you who that was.

I thought at first that I would just edit that post, but then anyone who had already read it wouldn't know the truth, would be scandalized and never come back, would tell all their friends, and call Child Protective Services on me.  Never mind that he's 19 and no worse for the wear.

Now that that's cleared up, we can get back to our regularly scheduled blogging...


  1. Hi Sara - just found your blog - I finished my homeschooling career two years ago after 17 years and they were such a blessing. Keep up the apostolate of homeschooling! I have a pro-life/prayer apostolate if you would like to check out my blog My St. Gerard Majella Prolife/Prayer Project is growing and always need prayer.

  2. I knew exactly what you meant. ;-)


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