Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goodnight Moon Blanket

Sitting at the school table yesterday I finally added stars to my Goodnight Moon book-blanket. It's going in the shop today! I hope it soon finds a friend to snuggle with.

It's a sweet, little blanket that's cozy and soft, and it's just the right size for a little person to carry around with a book, begging someone to read to him one more time. :-)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day PHFR

"Pretty" is probably debatable here. I'm unraveling a cowl that I didn't love to make some alpaca mittens for the snowstorm (4-6"). The yarn is pretty. The mittens? Not perfect. I've made only one pair before with a finer yarn. This is an attempt at bulky mittens.

"Happy" is enlisting my grown children to help me clean off the dusty, unused CD rack. Does anyone play CDs anymore except in the car? We tossed two trash bags of jewel cases and condensed the discs down to the binder below.

"Funny" is grown kids who come home for the weekend and within five minutes this is what it looks like! To be fair, I obviously had my phone in hand, too. And they're really good about putting them away to be with people. Phone usage usually has something to do with what we are talking about---like checking the weather!

Seriously, though, we had a great visit with them. I'm so happy they made the effort to come home when they both had the weekend off!

"Real" is the non-existent snow storm. It turned to rain after several hours of gorgeous, huge, fluffy flakes. So disappointing. I think the kids would rather go to school than have yet another day off and no snow to play in.

Full disclosure: this was TUESDAY's snowstorm (when the neighbors all had school and we didn't). Today, we have even less snow than this and no one has school. :-(
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mystery Knit

What is this? It looks like a monster! 

If you guessed Dog Sweater, you're right! Mullet Ski Mask would be...incorrect...and weird. ;-)

My sister asked me to make it for her little pup who can't keep warm in the snow and cold. He's also an odd size, so the extra small sweaters she has bought don't fit. I did my best to go by her measurements and basic patterns I found online. I also cut a couple out of sweater sleeves. (They were cashmere which had been washed and dried, so they won't shrink anymore. FYI cashmere doesn't felt in the wash.)

Anyway, into the mail they went....

They fit! Almost. The back is a little long, so she has to fold it under (or cut it off the sweater sleeves). We will have to figure out exactly where to measure to get the correct length. But he is adorable, isn't he?

Do you think I ought to put dog sweaters in Rosy Knits as a custom item? 


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