Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Day Today!

Today is the last day with these honey oak floors! Meg said goodbye to them with a bit of Sharpie action.

We stripped out all the carpeting and I'm sure the neighbors love that we've left it all in the driveway. 

Have you ever removed old carpeting? It's a dusty job and the amount  of dirt underneath is shocking! And it's not evenly distributed across the room but only where we walk. Gross! 

I am looking forward to living in a less dusty environment. I need to invest in a few good doormats and a dust mop. If you have hardwoods/engineered hardwood everywhere, what do you use to keep your floors clean?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yarn Along

It's turning into another Mental Health Day with little energy for anything other than essentials. Right now, I am curled up on my bed listening to one of my favorite books: The Fellowship of the Ring via YouTube. I manicured my nails, and I thought I could muster the energy to put together a blog post for your edification...amusement?

I have acquired a seriously ambitious pile of books for my summer reading. Considering everything else that is happening in my life right now, I may have just made a significant addition to my already out-of-control stack of unfinished books!

In my stack you will find orphan train, which I think I heard about on Ginny's blog. There are two Philippa Gregory books that I have also heard about through the yarn along. But I have no idea what order this series is supposed to be read in. I think they all stand alone, don't they? Then there is The Catholic Drinkie's Guide to Homebrewed Evangelism and The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up which I have forsaken (because my house is such a disaster! Lol) in favor of a light fiction on Kindle called Finding Fraser for Outlander fans.

Any bets on how far I get through the stack?

My knit is the newly restarted Westport shawl that I had to frog last week. I have this new peacock green colorway to make it with that I simply love.  Fingers and knitting needles crossed that this effort will be successful!

How's your summer going? Are you finding time to read?

Friday, June 19, 2015

What a Week!

 My nieces and nephews just got out of school last Friday, but it seems like we've been out forever and summer is nearly over. There has been a lot of activity packed into the past three weeks!

Friday, I had a Mental Health Day of sorts. After a really hard week, physically and mentally---there were many tears shed and some that wanted to be shed, but I managed to hold them back. It was time to just rest and do easier things, if not nothing.

I did some shopping, frogging my knitting, and started a new project. I watched tv and perused FB a lot.

The real bright spots in the day were:

1. When the painter came and gave me an estimate for removing the stubborn wallpaper, repairing drywall, and reprinting. 

2. My new rug came from ordered it only two days ago, and it's here already! It's gorgeous and I can't wait to see it in my family room when the floors are finished!

3. New toilets and faucets also arrived.

I was still an exhausted wreck on Sunday---tears flowed freely at Mass. Ugh! I appreciate the "gift of tears" but sometimes it would be nice to turn them off! I think that it is my (somewhat embarrassing) way of resting my head in Jesus's shoulder. He's there and I can't help but pour out my troubles.

The bathroom got stripped and painted in one day. The color is shocking! I like using bright colors in bathrooms for fun, but this might be a bit over the line. The photo is particularly bad because the late afternoon sun coming in the window made it glow. It's actually better in person and I'm hoping that we can tone it down with accessories! Thoughts?

On the flip side, the library, soon to be office, is beautifully green and restful. And I'm not a fan of painting ceilings!

Here's a sample of what my home looks like these days:

I'm ready for this to be over having never done renovations like this. It's fun and horrible all at the same time! I'm not looking forward to having to tackle the basement right after this. I have new respect for all those DIYers who constantly work on their homes!


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