Thursday, March 19, 2015

PHFR Yarn Along

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Pi Day celebration last week involved a very last-minute Chocolate Meringue Pie---as in I made it just before dinner and it requires 6 hours of chilling. Oh well. It was stunning and we enjoyed a rousing game of Scrabble while letting it chill a little. The chocolate was kind of runny when we ate it.


This colorful stack of 7x9 rectangles for our AHG troop project. We are teaching the girls to crochet and make the rectangles so that we can turn them into blankets for the homeless. It's part of the Warm Up America project. I made a bunch of these myself, but I've been focusing on outlining all of the squares with black. It's kind of a tedious job that the girls won't like, but it will make the blanket look much better when they crochet them together.

Maybe this isn't really funny, but it's kind of amusing to see the shapes and sizes of some of the rectangles from our beginning stitchers. The one on the top right was made by an adult and was so misshapen that I had to work some magic to turn it into a rectangle of the appropriate size. I'm pretty sure that was her first one.  She has improved dramatically and has made a baby blanket and cowl in addition to more rectangles.

Here's a better picture:

I'm really proud of all the girls (and moms) who are working hard to learn a new skill to benefit the homeless. Everyone is improving, and even if they have a hard time getting uniform shapes, their efforts are not going to waste!

I got my little stack of completed rectangles and went to the box to see how many more I needed to do. I was really pleased with my accomplishment in the past week...until I pulled out this stack. 
27 down. 65 to go.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yarn Along

Last week I was going to show you my completed mittens (the second pair) and the almost-completed book, St. Catherine of Siena by Sigrid Undset. Alas, (well, not alas exactly) I'm still reading the book and greatly enjoying it, but the mittens (which are no longer needed in our 60+ degree weather) are too loose in the wrists and, very much alas, fall off if I relax my hands and swing my arms while walking. That's not a very good trait for a gorgeous, fluffy, soft pair of Alpaca mittens to have. They are pretty much perfect in every other way. And I have two pairs.  At some point I will find some elastic thread and attempt to run it through the wrists to make them more snug. Any other suggestions? Unraveling and starting over is NOT to be thought of! :-)

After the Mitten Mishap I turned to simple crocheting of Warm Up America rectangles and my book. Much more satisfying!

St. Catherine of Siena was (dare I say, "is"?) an amazing saint. I had never heard more than the basics that she was the youngest of 22 children and brought the Pope back from Avignon to Rome. But she was much more incredible than that. There is a wealth of information about her life and miracles. I am so happy to have discovered her at last, and I'm quite pleased that I bear her name (though I highly doubt that was intentional) and share her Italian heritage! 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goodnight Moon Blanket

Sitting at the school table yesterday I finally added stars to my Goodnight Moon book-blanket. It's going in the shop today! I hope it soon finds a friend to snuggle with.

It's a sweet, little blanket that's cozy and soft, and it's just the right size for a little person to carry around with a book, begging someone to read to him one more time. :-)


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