Friday, October 9, 2015

Yarn Along

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My knitting project is getting closer and closer to the end, but these last rows seem interminable! I guess that's not too far from reality when you increase every other row by four stitches. Nevertheless, the yarn is getting smaller---I'm certain that I shall knit my last two rows of blue today (or whenever I get to knit!).

Instead of knitting, while I await the flooring delivery men, I am sitting in my front yard storing up vitamin D for the winter. And attending to my much-neglected blog via the Blogger app on my phone. I finished my painting session for the day (I'm tired and clean-up is too much twice in one day!), so I'm taking a break.

Knitting will resume shortly when I have had enough sun (soon---it's hot out here!), and I will listen to my current read which has kept me quite entertained during marathon painting sessions:  The Maze Runner. We've seen both movies, but I thought reading the books might help fill in some of the gaps in the story.

Did you know that there is a wealth of audiobooks available on YouTube? 

Update: I have good intentions about blogging, but then I get distracted by reality. Darn it. ;-)  I'm going to go ahead and post this anyway, even though I've already updated the flooring situation in my Quick Takes a few minutes ago. Go read that one, too! :-) 


October Quick Takes

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True Confessions: I started this post LAST Friday and wasn't able to finish it, so I'm updating and, hopefully, coming up with a few more takes to make it to seven!

Sitting at Chik-fil-A on Day 8 of the Whole30 diet while Meg does her schoolwork. There's pretty much nothing here that I can eat, so I'm gritting my teeth and drinking decaf. I don't mind just drinking decaf, but I can't stand their coffee. And I probably could have some french fries without too much guilt but I don't think that would really help the cause. (Another True Confession: I had french fries today because they're fried in peanut oil, momentarily, and conveniently, forgetting that peanuts are legumes and forbidden.)

What's the cause, you ask? Aside from the never-ending quest to lose weight, it's to get the sugar and junk out of my life. Lately, my diet has been getting worse and worse, and I haven't put on more than a pound or 2, but they always invite their friends over, don't they? They find a happy place and invite everyone over for a rave. Pretty soon, someone needs to call the cops....That's the Whole30. :-)

"Rika-Chicka", as one of my babies famously called this place, has the nicest employees. There's a lovely German lady who visits with us every time we come, chats with me about my knitting, and even brings free coffee! I shouldn't complain that it tastes bad.

Meg and I made our 2nd of the 9 First Friday's today last week. We started because our schedule lends itself to the devotion right now, but I can see that it will be a struggle to continue if our schedule changes. I'm praying that God will grant the graces necessary to persevere! As I have had a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for nearly 14 years, now, (My Margaret Mary will be 14 in January!), it's about time I attempted to make the 9 First Fridays. One of the great things about the parish we have been attending on Fridays is that the pastor actually stops to pray the Litany to the Sacred Heart and an Act of Consecration. It's a lovely start to the day.


Our flooring arrived much more quickly than I expected, and the installer is faster than I expected, so installation starts on Monday---maybe even finishes! We had to hold him back a bit to have time to empty the basement. We've begun, but there will be a big push tomorrow to bring everything upstairs. I'll be so happy to have the next phase completed! It will still take time to get everything purged and put away, but I like that part a lot better than the messy painting and packing.

So excited! I just sold another item from my Etsy shop Rosy Knits. I really need to knit more to add to the shop. I've been preoccupied with other things this summer. Like floors. ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Continued Renovations

We put in an order for flooring in the basement, at long last! It is Coretec Plus---a wood-look luxury vinyl plank. I'm excited about it; I hope it lives up to my expectations!

Flooring should arrive in two weeks, so we need to empty the basement and I need to paint the two bedrooms while I have carpeting that can act as drop cloths! The first is 90% finished--and it's the biggest. I need to finish the ceiling because I ran out of paint, and I need to paint the window trim. It's gorgeous! Here's a not-gorgeous picture: 

Since I took that picture, I have finished the walls and the trim/doors. The navy is the old color. The new is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, a pale gray/green. I am NOT excited about the idea of putting the yucky Cargo beds in here again! Since the boys don't live here anymore, maybe I can do something else with it? I'm thinking TV room with a sleep sofa, and maybe my sewing. The other, smaller room which is the craft room now, can be a simple guest room.

What would you do? What's the statute of limitations on adult children's bedrooms?


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