Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I haven't done one of these in a while, but it seems like a good time since I don't have much.  Time, that is.

I didn't yarn-along this week (because of the time issue), and I'll bet you're dying to see this project because it's such a pretty color.  Wait no more!  

I threw it in the trash!
That yarn was in my stash; there was only one skein, and I don't know if I bought it or if it was given to me.  Nice and soft it was.  Gorgeous color.   But as I said, the yarn comes untwisted (unplied?) with every stitch.  It looks pretty well when it's knit, and not very noticeable except in the many places where I failed to pick up a single ply of the yarn.  So there were lots of little loops on the project that made it look like it had been snagged many times while wearing.  Ick.  So I just trashed it.  

And that seems so heretical.

I have 2 new projects in the works in its place.  Both of which will take forever and a day to finish.
 A Linen Stitch scarf with just regular old Deborah Norville sock yarn on sale at Joann's 2 for $5.  It's so pretty the way it starts to look like a woven fabric!
An Entomology shawl.  With beads.  I've never knit with beads before, and I may never get to since I have to string 1200 beads on my yarn first.  That's 10 feet of beads, people!  It's going to take forever to do just that.

Total blog silence after my last post on homeschooling curricula. 

  Does that mean my readers are not interested in my books (only my knitting?), or that you don't care for my stance against anti-Catholic publishers?  On the assumption that it's the latter, let me just say:  I don't think using those things is objectively sinful, and I can't tell anyone else what to do.  God gives us each inspirations about how to live our lives.  Some people are called to be out praying at the abortion mills regularly.  Some people are called to teach at RCIA.  I'm not telling anyone what to do, and I'm not judging anyone for their choices, but I know that I am called to use school materials that support my faith or are neutral where faith is concerned.

I'll try to have a post up next week with some more things that I love and have used for years.

It's been a busy, but good week, here.  Yesterday, our Little Princess had 4 teeth pulled and a frenulectomy.  She wasn't seriously tongue-tied.  In fact, I hadn't even noticed it!  But it was enough to keep her tongue from pushing on the roof of her mouth and helping her palate expand.   Her big brother Hitch (Brendan) had a more serious case that was resolved when he was about 7.  Although even then, he was able to nurse with little difficulty.  

It took much longer than I expected, and the Versed they gave her didn't do it's job.  She talked through the whole thing and remembers all of it.  They said the main reason for giving that is so that the children don't remember the sounds of the teeth being pulled.  Oops.

She's recovering nicely, though.  She's not traumatized and she's not even taking the Tylenol w/ codeine as much as they recommended.   That's my brave girl!

I opted to stay home with her last night instead of going to my AHG Board meeting.  I let my Very Capable Assistant handle it instead.  And  I feel like such a slacker because I can't be everywhere and do everything!  It was a good thing for me to stay home, though.  She was glad to have me here, and I was exhausted from my week anyway!

Have a great weekend, friends.  And drop by Hallie's because she's hosting the 7 Quick Takes this week!


  1. blog silence means nothing more than busy bloggers!!

    I remember everything about my wisdom teeth coming out in 7th grade! and I sang all the way through it too! Mostly the versed helps the kids not be so nervous about the procedure.

    You should stay home more often!

  2. Sorry to hear about your project. But good to know about that particular yarn ... I have seen projects knitted with beads, and they are so gorgeous! I hope you stick with it; I'm sure you'll be glad you did in the end ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the Linen Stitch scarf -- very cool. You'll have to show pics of your progress.

    I'm just now back to reading and commenting on blogs. What a week. Even typing too quickly now makes me whoozy! ;-)

    I enjoyed your homeschool curricula post and feel exactly like you do (except about memorization because we are just not quite that intellectual here -- at least I'm honest!). Absolutely nothing non-Catholics except math. After I started homeschooling I realized that Catholicity of material was the one thing I would not compromise on. The Catholic schools do and it's a real shame.


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