Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shopping with Tweens such a challenge!

Lately, my little (not-so-little-anymore) girl and I have had some difficult trips.  It's hard to be a super-tall 11 year-old with more style than your mom, and a list of Rules for Appropriate Dress a mile long!  People always say, "God bless you!" or something like that because I have 4 boys.  Well, let me tell you, boys are so much easier in many ways!  Really, all you have to do is accept the fact that they're noisy, energetic, and dangerous, and you're good to go!  Girls, on the other hand, come with a whole different set of challenges.

Back to the shopping...

I don't know who the designers think they're dressing, (21 year olds?) or who their audience is (pedophiles?), but the clothes are all super!  Super---
  • short
  • bare
  • flimsy
  • sexy
  • skimpy!
She generally won't look at the big, fluffy Easter dresses, but I did find a very nice, simple one in her size to try on.  I also had her try on a couple of Adult Smalls out of desperation, one of which was actually very cute when we turned it around backwards (because it was too low-cut).  It didn't help that there was practically nothing in her size, but the (lack of) length on the ones she did try was ridiculous.

Happily, the fluffy Easter dress was a perfect fit, with just enough style, and not too babyish to be rejected!

Please tell me your shopping tips for your tweens and teens!  Do you have a list of Rules for Appropriate Dress?  What stores do you prefer?

In case you're wondering...
  • wide straps on tanks to hide bra straps
  • no bare shoulders at Mass
  • skirts must be no shorter than an inch or two above the knees for Mass
  • same length for "playclothes" but she has to wear bike shorts under them.
I don't think my rules are terribly strict, but they do make shopping a challenge!  Then again, any kind of standards makes shopping a challenge these days.


  1. I'm finding the same thing for my 10 year old...and my 8 year old is tall, about an inch shorter than her sister, so same for her...Skirts, if you can find skirts, that's what we end up doing, skirts and tops...But skirts are hard to find!

    1. Skirts are hard to find! Why is that? Not that they'd be long enough, again, but why?

  2. You will find that your best friend is one of those light, thin, 3/4-sleeve cardigans that the girls are wearing. Go to Forever 21' close your eyes to the horror, and get a couple of inexpensive ones in neutral colors. Add to sundress you both agree on and she's church-appropriate and fashionable too.

    1. Ah, I have fond (not) memories of Forever 21 with my first daughter! We already do the little shrugs and jackets. She's good with that rule!

  3. No advice, just commiserating. My 12 is tall and thin. Everything is too short on her. I've also started peeking at xs adult clothes.

    1. The adult dress we found was super-cute in my opinion! It was a peasant style with elastic sleeves, neckline, and waist, and the material was that scrunchy "broomstick" (?) type so it didn't look too big. I think I could make one of those!

  4. shouldn't you have all the answers since you had to deal with me at that age? ;)

    I think simple tank/polo dresses are cute and versatile. Old Navy?

  5. i was going to suggest old navy as well. it's where i go for stuff because their shirts are long enough that they don't expose my navel. (i have a long torso and short legs.)

    maybe send your tween out shopping with your oldest and a budget?

    1. I forget about Old Navy. I think it's just because it's messy. At least shirts are longer in general than they were when Katie was young. Trying to keep that belly covered was a chore!


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