Thursday, March 21, 2013

{PHFR} Yarn Along!

round button chicken


We found these babies at Goodwill last week!  They're in perfect condition.  A little large, but that just adds to their value since Meg can wear them longer.  That's the kind of tween shopping I like: stumbling across a perfect treasure when you're not even looking for it!

Another treasure from Goodwill:
A very imperfect picture of a perfect set of new Advent candles for $0.99!  As my sainted mother would say, "You can't beat that deal with a stick!"


Meg's Secret Agent ID card.  Notice how tall she is?


"Real" is not finding time to blog my Yarn Along post yesterday, so I'm squeezing it into this one.  "Double prizes!"  (Name that movie!)

This is the ripple afghan I'm making out of my stash.  It's nice to have on my lap since Winter is making another effort to hang around!  I don't know if I'd call it pretty, but it has parts that I like and parts that I don't like.  I'm really just playing around with the colors and the width of the stripes.

My book for the week (ha! really, it was just 2 days) is War Horse.  I never saw the movie, and I checked the book out of the library on my Overdrive app.  I listened to it in just 2 days, so I guess it's not very long, but I loved it.  I had no idea what to expect, but you might imagine that it had me weeping in several spots, if you know anything about it.  I'd love to see the movie now.  Have you seen it or read it?


  1. beautiful colours; our days are full and busy, aren't they!

  2. oh, those sneakers!!! I hope I find some for my girl when she's a tween :) That's a difficult dressing age, my best friend tells me.

    1. I love those sneakers! Dressing teens isn't much easier, though. It's going to be another rough 7 years! ;-)

  3. I love that afghan!

    Meg is an inch shorter than I (almost 33 years old) am.

  4. I love a little bling on my shoes. I guess I listen to my inner "tween" a little too often. LOL! You are so talented. that afghan is beautiful and I can only imagine how warm it is.

    1. A little bling on your shoes is fine! Do you also dress too old for your age like they want to? :-)

  5. I am right there with you shopping for tweens, my 11 year old is a month older than Meg. She is 5'3 and has a size ten shoe already! Finding age appropriate shoes in that size is tough, especially without spending a fortune. :)


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