Sunday, March 10, 2013

Really Late Quick Takes


I didn't have time for Quick Takes on Friday, even the super-quick variety because I was busy making my kids do their schoolwork and catch up a bit.


We finished a respectable amount of catch-up early in the day, but I refused to take them to co-op because they had been slackers all week.  Plus, Pip had a camping trip that afternoon, and I needed a break from the time pressure.  So I sat around working on that crochet project.


All in all, it was a relaxing Friday:  Katie came by to do her laundry for a visit; we went to the fish fry, and then to trivia night for the first time in months, where we discovered we were very rusty.


DH and I spend a fair amount of time on Pope Watch, or Conclave Watch.  I find that everything leaves me in a puddle of tears.  Stuff like this:  Smoke Signal Timetable.  Or the Making of a Pope.  


We read this interesting article yesterday on how to know who was elected faster than anyone else.  "Just for fun," he said, and then clicked the video to watch the announcement when BXVI was elected.  I was a wreck.  A wreck, I tell you.  You try it, and leave me a comment about your results!


So, I'm weird.  I cry about the strangest things, but I think what primarily gets to me is extraordinary virtue.  And these men, cardinals, bishops, priests, who give up their lives for Holy Mother Church show extraordinary virtue.  Yes, there are some big sinners out there, but I think that the bigger your sacrifice, the bigger the temptations by the devil.  That's something that's hard to overcome, especially on a worldwide stage!


Are you following @PapalSmokeStack on Twitter?  Or @ConclaveChimney?  Or @ConclaveStove?  I'm sure there are more.  And just in case, PopeAlarm will text you or email you when there is white smoke.  I'm so excited.

2 more days!  2 more days!  2 more days!


Join the fun at Jen's for more 7 Quick Takes!


  1. I'm so excited too! I was thinking that the Church felt safe in Pope Benedict's hands and I just don't know what to expect now.

  2. for some reason as much as I love Pope Benedict, I'm not worried. The man is 85 years old and the demands of Pope is to travel. too much.


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