Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes


Coyotes are back in the neighborhood.  yay.  I really think they come up this way to deliver their pups in the spring.  So we can look forward to lots more howling and yipping when they have pack meetings or make a kill---which they did the other morning.  Pip and the dog were attracted by the vultures later, so they went to where the feast was.  He even climbed down the dropoff into the woods to take a picture of the deceased raccoon.  I'll spare you that.

You're welcome.


In really mundane household news...we got a new, powerful router yesterday!  It was getting to be too difficult to use the internet around here; we had to conserve streaming like we conserve hot water for the other people showering!  So, Pip and I spent what felt like hours dealing with this nightmare after plugging everything in the way the directions say.  Everything we tried, all the diagnostics, nothing worked.  Finally, I gave up to read a book.  He decided to change it up and use a LAN connection, and as soon as he did that, the computer said, "Doofus, your ethernet cable is in the wrong place!"  (or something like that!).  What did he do with the ethernet cable?  He put it back where it had been for the past 2 hours, and bazinga! , it worked.

And don't tell me the ethernet cable wasn't plugged in properly.  I checked it, like, 50 million times.


When I stopped to read that book, it was----and I know you're dying to know----

Someone in my internet-wanderings recommended this book, and I ordered it.  She must have been very forceful in her review because my reading list is a bit out of control, and another book is the last thing I need!  I. am. loving. it.  This is the first book I have read in ages that I want to keep reading---I read it during lunch; I pick it up instead of my knitting; I pick it up instead of my phone!  It's that good.  


I stopped at the big box store yesterday to get more paint swatches for Pip's bedroom.  Turns out that one of the colors he already said he likes matches his new comforter perfectly.  So I bought paint.  Now I have to paint.  Now I have to move everything out of his room.  I have to move his extra bed downstairs.  I have to refinish his dresser.  I have to get all the stuff of the walls.  

I think I have to have a nervous breakdown.  And a standing appointment with the chiropractor.


And when I'm done with that, there's Meg's room.


And then there is the hall bathroom with the original, floral wallpaper, which needs to be stripped before I paint it.

I think I'll go read a book.


Speaking of books!  Have you been reading the Catechism daily with the Flocknote emails?  I was.  Until I got a little behind.  By about a week.  Sometimes, I just get tired of reading on the computer.  And you'll never believe this....but I picked up the actual Catechism, and I've been reading it at night, before bed.  I manage to read more than I did before, and enjoy it a lot more.  I thought I was going to catch up, but now I hear that they're switching to YouCat.  I'm kind of glad that I switched to the book---now I can keep reading my 20-40 paragraphs per night instead of switching to YouCat.  Now, I may skim that in my email to see what it's like, but I'm happy with my giant book.

Provided I don't fall asleep and drop it on my face.


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