Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Workout w/ Kettlebells!

A couple of weeks ago I snagged a great deal at Target!  They had all their New Year's fitness stuff on clearance, and I found a much-coveted 10-lb. kettlebell at 50% off.   Pete and I had just been talking about kettlebells and what great workouts they are.  He had been using one at school and I have been wanting one for years, but hadn't wanted to spend the money.

The 50% got my attention, even though it was still $30.  There were other brands there that were slightly more expensive and not on sale, so I got this one.  What I didn't realize is that it was this set and came with 6 DVD's.  I thought I was just getting the bell!  Duh!

This fits in perfectly with my idea of functional fitness and short workouts.  The 3 main workouts are 20 mins. and the bonus workouts are only 10, so I can totally customize it to my needs and schedule.  The workouts are very cheaply produced, as in they just cut and paste different exercises together.  He never goes all the way through a workout at one time, but I don't mind that.  I'm just glad it came with workout dvd's.  

Pip wanted to know if I could tell a difference since I started---because I guess he can't---and I definitely can.  I feel tighter and more toned all over.  I feel great, and that's doing it only every other day as recommended.  I like a workout that says to give yourself a day between workouts to recover!

Now, there is a very stern warning about not using it if you have back, neck, and spine problems, which I totally ignored.  You do have to be extremely careful of your form and not use a bell that's too heavy, but I think my spine feels much better with this workout.  It's sitting in the car for hours a day that does a number on my back!

Have you ever tried kettlebells, or wanted to???


  1. Never even heard of them. I think I fall in the category of people who should never use them. ;-)

  2. I thougth they looked a bit dangerous and actually asked my cousin who's a PE coach and personal trainer. She said she loves them...but not to ever throw them over your head like some do as it's a great way to hurt your back....and bonk your noggin.


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