Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great Workout!

Take a look at this post over at MamaSweat.  I'm a fan of Functional Fitness.  I'm also a fan of short workouts, because what busy mom has time for a 60+ minute workout every day?  Especially when your kids are little, it's hard to find the time for such a workout and the necessary shower afterward.

I like the Primal Fitness promoted at Mark's Daily Apple, too.  Call me lazy, but I love a 15-20 minute workout.  These days my workouts usually consist of what you see in that MamaSweat Video.  Seriously, go watch it.  Or stay here and watch it:

Three to four days a week I do something like this plus a few extra exercises with heavy weights.  I do more squats with different leg positions and lunges.   I spend no more than about 20 minutes and I can feel those muscles all day.  In a good way.  I'm stronger than I was when I was running 3 miles/3 days a week, and doing FIRM videos the other 2-3 days and wearing myself out.

Bodyweight exercises are simple to do anywhere; obviously you don't need a lot of equipment for this workout.  A full laundry basket will suffice for the Dead Lifts!

My great muscles are still covered up by...ahem...curves (shall we say?), but that's a whole different hormonal and emotional issue that we don't need to go into here.  But I'll just say that having a strong foundation makes a difference!  Its good for building that bone density that starts to decrease in our 30's.

So hop to it!


  1. Can you please pass the flourless chocolate cake and change the subject? ;-)

  2. Lol! Anything for you, Dear Barbara!

  3. looks like a great workout! I found after nursing 3 kids in a row that I was hunched over like an 80 yr old lady!! had to make a point of laying flat on the floor every day to restretch all those muscles!


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