Thursday, May 21, 2009


Inspired recently by Anna and Leila, I've been picking up some cute things when out at Goodwill or Value Village.

I cleaned off the end of my kitchen counter where we kept the mail and crap always accumulated. So now I have this nice little row of glass jars that I love. The larger one is supposed to hold pecans, which we are out of. I'm not sure what to use the other empty one for. Ideas?

One of my finds was this adorable little milk jug that is perfect for holding some blossoms. I picked the honeysuckle when we were at Mass today. I discovered that it is growing thick around the border of the parking lot with blackberries!!!! I'm going to have to keep an eye on those!

The Chinese plate is something I fell in love with and paid more for than I should have, but I love it. I love blue and white. I'm looking for a way to display it and have it available for use. It's pretty huge, 16", I don't know if I can find a plate stand large enough for it.

KT picked up this adorable little dress for a song at Plato's Closet today. She wants me to take off the sleeves for her before she wears it. I think the sleeves are lovely, but then, I'm just her mother. Unfortunately, you can't see all the lacy details on the dress. It looks like the Gunny Sacks we wore to prom in the dark ages.


  1. Cute dress -- can't talk her into the sleeves for Mass? Peanut M & Ms in the other jar.

    Have a great weekend.


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