Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Graduation practice, graduation announcements---sitting on the kitchen counter---waiting for me to find the time! Don't even think about mentioning the fact that I should get off the computer and go do it. I'm still waking up!

2. Piano recital last night for TMax. He was awesome. He performed 3 pieces which I will upload later, after I finished uploading them on FB, which takes for.freaking.ever.

3. Every night this week there is something going on, besides swim team practice. I don't think we've had dinner all together once. I really don't like it when we miss our family dinners. It just doesn't seem right. I guess it will be like this until after Memorial Day when practices move to the mornings.

4. Hitch has prom tonight and Rome tomorrow. It will be strange not having him around for 8 days. We'll miss him, but I know he'll be having the time of his life with his friends.

5. If we're lucky, we'll find out today how much the insurance co. wants to give us for our car.

6. I haven't been out to my garden this week. Not since Saturday when I stopped by after getting the rental car. I think it's been raining some this week, but the plants probably do need water!

7. I don't think I have a number 7. My brain is just fried from all the things I've been trying to keep together this week. Last night, my back and neck were hurting---I just want to double my muscle relaxers and sleep for 12 hours, which is what the Dr. said would happen if I took the whole pill instead of half. Right now, that sounds really good. And when I wake up, all the household confusion will be over, right?

I hope your Friday is serene and relaxing!

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