Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday at the High

Pipster reminded us that Saturday was the First Saturday and practically begged us to go to the museum since it was free. It would be nice if the children begged us to take them to Mass for First Saturdays, but I'm happy that my 10 year-old wild man wanted to go to a museum.

A little Monet made my day!

They have a new Louvre exhibit with some very interesting pieces. It was not as exciting as the one we went to in September. Sadly, we missed the last exhibit because it was only here for six months.

St. Sebastian---the arrow holes, which you can't see here, look like they were made with pencils.

Anyway, we spent a little more time in the main section and hit some floors that we missed last time because everyone was falling apart from hunger. What is it about culture that makes everyone so darn hungry all the time? We had the same problem this Saturday.

Giovanni Bellini---Madonna and Child

Veiled Rebekah---amazing work with marble!

Hugues Merle---Maternal Love

Renoir---Still Life with Apples (no kidding)

Sorry, didn't get the title of this one!

Let me tell you, few things make me miss my mom more than going to an art museum. She used be in ecstasies over some things. I feel the same way, myself, although I don't have the luxury of lingering over pieces, yet.

Then there is this little house outside that I had never paid much attention to. Until we walked past it yesterday and the children were talking about the different angles. I thought it was flat until I walked passed it.

And it followed me. It looked like it was on a turntable. I took a video, but you can't see it very well in the video. If you walk far enough, you can see that it's not flat and it's not actually turning. It's kind of cool.

Thanks for joining us on this little tour! Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm kicking myself for not taking my kids to art exhibits when they were younger. I didn't want them running and shouting and I wanted to enjoy the art pieces. Sadly, they don't have the appreciation I wish they did. Hopefully it's not to late to start.
    Love that you have fond memories and that your sharing that love of art with your kids.

  2. As much as Pip wanted to go, he still didn't want to stand still and soak in the beauty. He wanted to keep moving. And he was starving again after a short time! But that's the really nice thing about not having paid for it---we didn't feel we had to stay and make everyone miserable to get our money's worth!


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