Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rest in Peace, Gloria

We had, as the Pipster put it, our First Fish Flush today. Gloria, our first and only Betta fish, died yesterday.

I knew she was a goner all week. We changed her water and suddenly she wasn't eating. First, I found her lying on the bottom of the tank next to this little hill. I never knew fish could lie down!

Then she seemed to spend most, if not all, of her time perched between the leaves of her beloved plastic plant. When I fed her, she tried to go eat, but she was swimming sort of lopsided. Then she'd head back to her perch.

More and more lopsided swimming, then none. Just perching. (No pun intended)

Last night she was belly-up on the bottom of the tank, so we had a little funeral today.

The Little Princess cried. Everyone else thought it was kind of cool.


  1. Sorry. I had to laugh.

    We have a fish tank and, unfortunately, fish die all the time. The other day my daughter's best friend discovered a floater. She was a bit surprised at the nonchalance with which we treated the situation!

  2. it kind of grosses me out when the fish start to... go.

    good-bye gloria - may you float in peace

  3. I once forgot to flush a betta so when my toddler went to use the toilet, I heard a gasp, "Oh my god!" Poor kid was a little traumatized after that.


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