Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Wreckage...

It seems like the phone calls related to an accident and insurance are constant. And that's just the ones I'm getting. And I kindly have each of them call my dear husband because I don't really understand what they're saying.

Is it the bump on my head, or just stupidity? Hmmm, I suppose part of it could be due the the muscle relaxers.

Actually, my brain is kind of fuzzy this week, but I really think it's due to the overwhelming scheduling logistics of having KT and Hitch out of school and wanting to use the car for various, totally legitimate, not silly reasons, and my usual appointments and errands.

Next week should be MUCH better with Hitch off to Rome for his senior class trip. That, and I think we'll be done with all end-of-the-year activities. I'll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the swim team chaos!

Yesterday, the younger three trekked to the auto body shop with me to clean out the Sienna and say goodbye. It was so sad. I mean, I know it's just a car and all, and we're extremely lucky to be uninjured (so say all the experts who see this sort of thing regularly), but I just wanted to sit and caress the seats. I love my car. I just have to get a new one just like it. But it will probably be a different color, and while it may be almost exactly the same, it will seem like an imposter every time I get in! Sigh.

I'm off to do my short, intense workout, and get ready for another day of activities that require expert coordination and military precision---including getting Hitch's braces off just in time for graduation!

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