Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What a Wednesday!

Ok, this is supposed to be a new weekly feature on my blog, but after yesterday's fiasco with it, I'm pretty much over it. It was just a disaster---bits and pieces I had posted all week---and I had to delete the whole thing because the HTML codes were giving me fits. Not that I know HTML, but I'm sufficiently intelligent that I can try to delete the ones causing problems. However, there are a bunch of kids running in and out of my house and talking to me, like they can't see I'm talking to the computer, and it's just really hard to focus on all those stooopid codes when you're constantly distracted. Maybe not you, just me.

So, here goes. Let me know what you think. It should go without saying that this one won't be fancy---like the other hyper-hyper-linked one.

What's Going on Today:
  • We went to the free showing of Happy Feet today. I slept through a lot of it.
  • We're leaving shortly for piano
  • Pipster and LP are out playing with the aforementioned kids. No running in and out at this time.
What I'm Excited About:
  • Planning more school lessons from Serendipity
  • The Oil Cleansing Method ---if you have acne, it does amazing things for your skin. If you don't, it still makes it feel wonderful.
  • Not washing my hair anymore. I'm still "cleaning" it, just not washing it with shampoo, because the alternative is just plain gross! In an effort to cut costs and carcinogens, I'm looking for more natural household solutions. Baking soda and ACV (not mixed! my kids keep telling me my hair is going to catch on fire, or act like a volcano) are a great alternative to shampoo. Not to mention cheap, cheap, cheap. Even KT approved of my "new shampoo" before she knew there was no shampoo to approve of!
What I'm not Excited About:
  • Picking up 2 extremely tired teenagers every day from football practice.
  • Planning more lessons

What I'm Working On:
  • Organizing 22 years worth of photos into boxes for each of the kids so I can find out where the missing pictures are from the photo albums. Then I can start working on a 12-year "baby book" for each of them. Can you say, "Insane"?
  • Did I mention Lesson Plans?
  • Keeping the hotspots decluttered so they'll, God willing, stay that way after school starts.
What I'm Looking Forward too:
  • A trip to Six Flags this week or next. Or does this go in the NOT category? Both, I think!
  • A whole day with M.O.W. celebrating our 22nd anniversary by watching as many movies as we can stand on Saturday!!!!

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