Monday, July 28, 2008

A No Good Very Bad Day

That was Friday. Fortunately, it's over now. I'll give you the short version of the story---you can thank me later.

It all started with the trip to Six Flags that ended in the driveway with 3 very disappointed kids because the power sliding door on my Toyota Sienna broke. As in: would not close no matter what.

We bungeed it in place to drive it to a body shop, though why we bothered I have no idea. It wasn't budging either way.

TMax accompanied me and the body shop said they wouldn't be able to get to it until Monday (and we'd have to pay for a rental all weekend), so we drove a little farther to the evil dealership.

They weren't quite as evil as they had been on my last visit there. Except for the "lady" in the rental office who filled out the paperwork for a Toyota Corolla and got me all set to go without ever asking what my needs might be concerning a rental vehicle. She wasn't very happy to have to do it again. Like it's my fault. Shouldn't she be the one asking if a Corolla is satisfactory?

They had the part in stock for a new motor assembly and fixed it that day. But it came with a price tag that suddenly made me think those power doors aren't worth it. Those suckers go out and you might as well get a new van---without power doors!

They took care of the cost of the luxury Sequoia that we got instead. Saved me $60 bucks! Woohoo!

Maybe the dealership wasn't evil this time, but the kid who returned my car to me was. He turned up the volume on the radio and AC as high as they would go and calmly and politely handed me my keys. I was livid, but I couldn't trust myself to calmly go into the dealership and not sound like a total jerk. But they'll hear about it this week when I take the car back in to get them to put the door back together properly. Sigh.

The best part of the day was that I spent it cleaning house. It's therapeutic, dontcha know. I tackled all the hot spots that had been flaming out of control for weeks: the coffee table, the kitchen counter, the island, the other counter, the stairs (where the kids are supposed to pick up their stuff whenever they go up but never do. What's up with that?), the Green Thing, the computer desk. And, let's face it, the floors. Oh, and TMax helped me make a lot of progress in the (non)school room. So we'll be able to find stuff when we need to, not that we use it for school anymore.

Okay, so I can't tell a short story. Sorry.

But we had a beautiful relaxing weekend with confession and cleaning house. Sunday was very quiet w/ reading and working on photo albums and a couple of very nice hours at the pool. So I'm all ready for Monday with a new attitude and no evil morning demons like the ones that usually torment me and that I read about in this morning's Magnificat:

How many are my foes, O Lord!
How many are rising up against me!
How many are saying about me:
"There is no help for him in God."

But you, Lord, are a shield about me,
my glory, who lift up my head.
I cry aloud to the Lord.
He answers from his holy mountain.

I lie down to rest and I sleep.
I wake, for the Lord upholds me.
I will not fear even thousands of people
who are ranged on every side against me.

Arise, Lord; save me, my God
O Lord of salvation, bless your people!

Psalm 3
It's a new week and a clean house---physically and spiritually. Time to work on school plans!

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