Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cleaning off the Stairs (Not)

I’ve come to a standstill on my school planning. Some people are almost finished. I have piles of books on my stairs in the front hall, making a lovely display for visitors, not to mention a safety hazard for everyone who goes up or down said stairs.

Last year, after Mom’s death, I wanted an easier, more fun school year. Stuff we could do all together and enjoy. And the Lord sent me Elizabeth Foss, who saved my year and gave me wonderful ideas to use.

We also got tired of and a bit claustrophobic in the schoolroom in the basement, so we came upstairs. Mom’s gift of The Green Thing became our school closet and it worked great to keep everything out of the way and accessible.

Then we took the standardized tests this spring.

Science scores took a nosedive, in spite of the fun we had studying Astronomy all year long. I don't blame that on Elizabeth. I'm sure it is because I've been a science slacker all along.

This year we’re determined to bring up those scores. I’m noticing that there are far more books to put in The Green Thing this year. Especially with those ginormous science texts taking up so much space.

So, now I’m wondering----now that the year is 2/3 planned, with one student left to go---how can I make this more like last year and less like SCHOOL?

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  1. I think we (my wife) plan our curriculum around Labor Day weekend :)

    8 years ago I converted half of our garage into a classroom for the kids to use. they hardly ever do now. they use the dinning room table, the kitchen counters, the bar, their beds etc...i should reclaim my garage...i need the room for my bikes


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