Sunday, July 13, 2008

Everyone is home!

Hooray! We were all back together yesterday for the first time in a week. Yeah, dinner was mayhem. But a happy mayhem.

It was also Madden's birthday dinner so we had presents and cake and ice cream. He's 15, handsome, and 6'2" tall. He's just about the sweetest 15 year-old son you could ask for. Cheerful, easy-going, loving. He still gives his mom big hugs. He has the honor of being the baby who changed my life in a lot of ways, all for the best.

Tuesday we're going on a little vacation. A little one because we don't have much time with dh's busy schedule. And little because we're going camping. We've always been camping with groups. Never by ourselves, and never for more than 2 nights. This one is planned for 4 nights. Yikes. I think we'll survive, if only because I insisted on a site with electricity so I can use my Aerobed. I'm sleeping in luxury, baby! Not like our last 1-night camp-out with the American Heritage Girls, where I spent the night wanting to cry, wishing for morning, because my back hurt so badly. We'll be hanging out during the day at the beach and the city of Savannah.

When we get back it will be serious crunch time with lesson plans, ordering books, and shopping with KT for necessaries for her college apartment.

So, if I don't see you before then, pray for us, and have a great week!

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  1. I hope you, the family and your back had a good camping trip.

    I don't do camping but we are going to the mountians of WV for weekend. We are staying in a relatives summer house. electricty and indoor plumbing.

    Have a great weekend


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