Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sad News

Randy Pausch, who gained fame after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given 3 months to live, died yesterday.

I watched his Last Lecture at Carnegie Mellon months ago and found it very inspirational. It has now been made into a book. He also gave a talk on Time Management at the University of Virginia (in Old Cabell Hall where I used to sing in Virginia Belles and the Women's Chorus). You may imagine that he was an expert on time management as he was given so little and he was still out there giving the occasional lecture and spending his last months with his little children. I love how he wanted to spend that time making memories with them, doing spectacular things like swimming with dolphins, so that they would remember him. They are so young to lose their dad.

He was very upbeat and chose not to dwell on the negatives. There was nothing about God in his lectures that I'm aware of, but I pray that he found his way to the Lord. May he rest in peace.

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