Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting the kids away from the TV

I'm working on breaking the habit we've all gotten into of turning on the TV mindlessly. No one watches TV all day long, or plays on the Wii all day. But it's on all day. The little ones watch a show in the a.m. Then they play Wii, maybe. Then one of the big ones, like Hitch, wants to watch something from his summer viewing list. Yes, he has a big summer reading list that dh made for him, but he has his own summer viewing list of classics.

So, its his list, but lots of us wander in and get sucked into it---if it's appropriate viewing for small people.

Then they want to watch a movie. And so on. Now it's time to break the habit and I'm making them turn off their shows, because they didn't ask, in the middle of the show (gasp!). And how do they repay me?

By taking up sculpting. Not out of clay. Out of trash. The little ones have been sitting in the garage making giant statues out of the recycling bin contents and putting them in their rooms.

They want to have a collection. They even made one for Madden's birthday Saturday.

He'll be thrilled.


  1. I hear ya about the tv! My two big ones are on a mission trip to New Orleans and the two little ones are just wandering around the house, lost, going from tv to tv. They don't want to visit their cousins who just moved here because they are "babies"...they certainly don't want to do yard work (except they were intrigued by the snake yesterday). I aplaud your courage to turn off the box! And yes, they may be making garbage art, but they aren't fighting or throwing trash either...

  2. You are BRAVE! Actually, I feel horribly guilty about the TV, but when I do turn it off Autumn goes to play Zoo Tycoon (I swear there is visual 'crack' in that game) and Ben goes to play XBOX 360 online. Yesterday, Morgan B. invited them both to her pool. So they had fun until that huge (fabulous to me) storm came through. Mine, like Kath suggested, would start throwing trash at each other. However, I just realized the gerbil's tank needs cleaning. Sounds like a project away from the boob tube!

  3. TV has definitely converted our lives into a misery and internet has added fuel to fire only. We must stay away from them except when necessary only! We should get outdoors and walk/ jog around maximum!


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