Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Projects for 2013

I've been looking back to see what I got done last year, and here are some of my favorite projects, that I blogged about:

I went on an Annie Sloan Rampage.

I made a valance for my kitchen window that brightens my kitchen and my day.

I made a beautiful blanket for my friend's new baby.

 I learned how NOT to slipcover a chair!

I entered the world of jersey knits with Alabama Chanin.

I made a warm wooly hat for my daughter's boyfriend.

I knitted, not one, but 3 Dr. Who/Tardis hats!

I sewed a medieval princess dress for Meg.

I We gave my laundry room a much-needed makeover.

Looking ahead to 2013, there are a bunch of things on my To Do List for the house:

::Re-organizing my craft room now that Katie has moved out.  I've done a few things in here, but there is still a lot to be done (as you can see)!

::The linen closet needs some work.  No one can find anything in here, and no one understands my organization system---hence the mess.

::Meg suggested that we redecorate the kids' bathroom which has been the same for the 16 years we've lived here.  Fortunately, the wallpaper has stood the test of time better than the kitchen paper which was horribly dated 10 years ago when I got rid of  it!

::She and Pip also want their bedrooms painted and redecorated.  I hope we can get the painting done this summer.  They're both going to be big jobs with lots of primer involved in order to cover the dark colors and stripes!  And it will all have to be done on a budget.

Don't you love all the reading material under the bed?  I do!

::Cleaning out the yarn stash.  I don't have any specific plans there because my knitting is so often a combination of finding the pattern I'm dying to knit, and finding patterns that will work with the stash.  Eh.  Forgot to take that picture!

That's just a snapshot of my life.  It doesn't include the dinners cooked, the grocery shopping, the many loads of laundry, the hugs and kisses, the tears cried and the tears dried, or the many prayers.  It was a good year, and I'm looking forward to this year's challenges and blessings.

Tell me, do you have projects planned for 2013?


  1. i love your blog..i find it very interesting specially i am looking for a helpful sites

  2. Ok, I love you already--do you know why? Because your kids rooms are not perfect!! They look like our kids rooms! You are normal! :)

    I just can not understand the bloggers that have these picture magazine perfect bedrooms for their kiddos.

    Love your kitchen curtains!
    Love, love that blanket you knitted--wow, beautiful!!
    What a treasure.

    Nice to "meet" you!

  3. My project?

    Getting as crafty as you!

    Lunch soon?


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