Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Clicks

A wild collection of different things to read...

How to Elect a Pope...

H/T:  Lisa Hendey

How to Get Through Your Days...

Sweet Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things writes about the need for trusting in God's grace and how beautiful things can happen when you do.

How to Throw a Harry Potter Birthday Party...

Over at Team Whitaker.  I'm seriously amazed at how someone can throw a party like this.  My kids get, like, 3 birthday parties in their life because I can't handle the planning and prep.  This totally blows my mind!

Sede Vacante....

Our beloved Holy Father Benedict XVI will disappear from the world.  There is nothing else he could do; you can't just have an ex-Pope walking around playing golf.  I'm so sad this afternoon, and especially since I missed all the live-footage as he left office.

I haven't been the biggest reader of his writings, mainly because JPII scared me away from papal documents, but I am loving my Lenten reading Jesus of Nazareth:  Holy Week.  I wish I had started reading his works a long time ago.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clapping and Hand-holding and Teaching

The point of the Open Letter to My Pastor is to discourage him from allowing hate mail to determine the rules for behavior at Mass, and to point out that if he prefers not to teach, but to be easy-going and not disturb the status quo, he should not discipline a parochial vicar who feels more strongly the call to teach the flock.

The paragraph about greeting each other, hand-holding, and the Kiss of Peace is simply there to illustrate the other points in the Mass when the congregation so clearly forgets where they are and what their purpose is.   In the combox, my friend Kathleen points out that this is not so in her case.  I would not want to hurt my dear friend, so I must point out that I am not judging anyone in the congregation for doing these things!  As a convert who has been  Catholic for almost 17 years, married to a man who grew up in the post-Vatican II church, I know that many Catholics simply do what everyone else does without any thought to it's correctness.  Some think about it and choose to do it because they like it or it has certain meaning for them.  Fine.

Here are a couple of links on the question of hand-holding, all of which say that it is fine for a family to hold hands, but that no one should ever be mandated by the priest or pressured into holding hands.  (Ever been jabbed in the shoulder by a pushy hand-holder?)  And I find it very interesting that there IS a clear instruction in the missal to bow during Creed at "and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man," yet very few people do.  That's probably a post for another day!

If I'm judging anyone---and I don't think I am because judging means that I am determining who is going to heaven or hell---it would be the priests who choose not to teach.  And I'm not deciding where they're going when they die, only acknowledging that many of them are not using that huge platform they have called the Sunday Homily to teach the faith.  It's that simple.

According to a survey I read, if you look at the top, right sidebar on the page, 72% of women rely on the homily to teach the faith.  I don't imagine the number is very different for men.  That is a large majority of the Church expecting to learn all they need to know at Sunday Mass!

My gripe with the pastor stemmed from clapping after Mass, but it has much wider implications than that, doesn't it?  It really comes down to teaching.

We are sheep.  Sheep do what all the other sheep are doing unless the shepherd leads them.  All I am asking is for the shepherds to lead.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Open Letter to My Pastor

On the first Sunday of Lent, our awesome parochial vicar made an announcement before the final blessing.  He took the time to point out that the applause (which is loud, energetic, and consistent.  You can almost hear the woohoo's!) after Mass for the choir is inappropriate.  We should never applaud human accomplishments at Mass because we should have our focus on the Lord.  He even quoted Cardinal Ratzinger from his book The Spirit of the Liturgy:  

"Whenever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment"

Amen.  We thought the announcement was so good that we wanted to applaud his courage!  When the final hymn ended, there was a smattering of automatic applause that was quickly squelched.  And then, this Sunday the pastor celebrated Mass, and his homily has prompted this open letter which I would love to mail in a shortened form.


Dear Fr. _(Pastor)______,

Last Sunday I congratulated Fr. _(Parochial Vicar)__ on his courageous teaching of the truth.  Today, I am very sad to hear that "the situation has been dealt with" for you have done nothing so much as undermine Father's authority as a priest.  I am disappointed you would discipline him based on your negative mail, as opposed to the veracity of his teaching.

I appreciate the joy that you, yourself, bring to the priesthood, but you will have to answer to the Lord for how you have allowed the holy sacrifice of the Mass to become a feel-good, social occasion where our focus is continually drawn away from Christ.  As a long-time choir member and cantor at my former parish, I can tell you that I absolutely do not appreciate nor desire applause after Mass.  My service is for the Lord, and I "perform" to enhance the worship and help the congregation pray, not to draw attention to myself.

All of Mass, from beginning to end, should be prayerful, yet just as it begins, our contemplation is disturbed by the command to "Rise and greet one another as brothers and sisters in Christ." Most of the congregation holds hands during the Our Father as a sign of solidarity with one another.  This is all the more disturbing as there is no instruction in the Missal to do so, and it de-emphasizes the true sign of solidarity which is communion, itself.  Even the Sign of Peace becomes another feel-good free-for-all where we socialize and forget Who is on the altar.

It is your business if you choose not to teach your parishioners proper behavior because you don't want the "hate mail," but to undermine and discipline a priest who has the courage to do so is unconscionable.  You should be happy that he is willing to step forward and teach, knowing there will be a backlash.  You should be happy that someone is willing to do the dirty work for you.  I can only pray that this attitude does not extend to the more difficult teachings of the Church.

You may be assured of my continual prayers as I pray for all priests to be faithful to the Church and to the magisterium.

Yours truly,



And, need I point out that there was a lot more applause after this Mass? :-(

Monday, February 25, 2013

February Daybook


Outside my window...
Yesterday was spring-like.  Today is cloudy and rainy (again).

I am thankful...
For Mac and Katherine Barron, of Catholics in a Small Town podcast, talking about Unplugged Sundays that they practice during Lent.  We tried it yesterday, and it was really good!  Necessary work on the part of my husband was still permitted, but mindless surfing, tweeting, FBing, texting, was not.  I had things to do out of the house, so maybe I didn't experience the full day at home, but I was calmer and didn't feel as if my day dribbled away, into the black hole.  Dh said that he got so many little things done, and he was more relaxed and recharged.  The teenagers suffered the most, and I will admit that we did turn on the TV after dinner for the Oscars.  I figured that's most of the family that's interested, so it's a family activity, but the mindless viewing throughout the day was curtailed.  As it should be every day!

From the school table...
Lots to do.  The kids have to take those assessment tests for the hybrid school tomorrow.  They're a bit nervous.  Neither one is a stellar test-taker.  Do you have a little prayer you can spare?

In the kitchen...
Some new recipes this week.  I hope I'm going to find some time to sit down and plan long-term menus.

I am wearing...
Still in jammies this morning.  It's Monday.  Too hard to face working out, rain, and homeschooling.  And the kids are "up" but sleeping. :-/

I am knitting...
A drop-stitch scarf.  Mine is blue, not variegated at all.  I'm starting to love it, but I think the knitting-without-a-break during the Oscars last night may be the cause of my sore shoulder this morning.  :-(  Good thing I didn't watch all of them!

I am going...
To be having lots of "free" afternoons this week as Tom has late play rehearsals every day.

I am praying...
For our priests.  There was a really dispiriting incident at Mass yesterday.  Many prayers for our pastor, the parochial vicars, and the flock.  More to come on that, probably.

I am looking forward to...
From Thursday to Saturday is going to be busy this week.  I'm looking forward to it:  AHG Court of Honor; 33 Days to Morning Glory consecration program starts; How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying onstage.

I am hearing on my ipod...
Still listening to Return of the King in the car, so less time for podcasts.  But I always make time for Catholics in a Small Town, Catholic Weekend, and Just a Catholic Dad.

Around the house...
Time to start seriously decluttering with all my free afternoons this week!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Chilly Quick Takes


I'll start with a complaint...because that's such a Lenten thing to do...I'm getting a wee bit sick of this winter that can't decide what to do with itself!  One day it's cold and wintry (normal, you know), and the next day it warms up to spring-like temperatures.  But Winter and Spring don't like each other much, so they clash, and we get rain.  Not warm, summery rain, but cold wintry, unpleasant rain.  Now, if Winter would just stay, you know, winter, we could stop having these wet clashes with pushy Spring.  Give me cold sunshine over cold rain any day.  


I don't like to complain about the weather, but this winter is getting to me.  How are you enjoying your sun/blizzards/ice?  Is it normal for you, or is this winter driving you crazy?


Our homeschool group had a lesson from Chinese dancers today.  We saw lots of different dances, and the kids got to practice a little with fans and scarves.  Oh, how I wish that I hadn't had my knitting in my hands and I had gotten a video of my 14 yo son doing the ribbon dance!  He was so cute.  (Don't tell him I said that!)


Said 14 yo son needed a ski mask over President's Day weekend for a ski trip with the Boy Scouts, so he picked one off Ravelry, and I crocheted it for him:  

Oh, sorry, that's the model.  An Ood from Dr. Who.

Here's the one I made:

Pip loved it, but it turns out that it's not actually practical for skiing.  

Who'd (see what I did there?) have thunk it?


It's taking me hours to finish these nots-so-quick takes!  Mainly because of a phone call from a friend in AHG.  We just talked about everything under the sun while waiting for an email which never came.   Surfing through my Google Reader between takes slows me down, too!


So, I've been looking all over my house for the kids' standardized test scores.  I can't find them anywhere.  But you know what I have found?  A bunch of stuff that doesn't belong here, or there, or anywhere.  As soon as it warms up....why? why can't I work while it's chilly?....I want to go through my house, room by room, drawer by drawer, and organize the whole place!  I think I probably said that a while back...when the weather was warm...and never did it.  

What do you do when you're sick of the clutter and disorganization?  Don't tell me you clean!  Tell me how you clean!  Pretty please.


In lieu of actual, official Standardized Test Scores, Meg and Pip will have to undergo Assessment Tests next Tuesday for the hybrid homeschool we applied to!  Say a prayer for them.  They're bright kids, but they're sort of freaking out a little.  Me, too.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good Clicks

On the Papal Resignation....

Inspired Angela has a video on Cardinal Arinze's reaction to Pope Benedict's resignation.  (From my perspective, Cardinal Arinze would be an awesome pope.)

On the Season Finale of Downton Abbey....

Maria Johnson's excellent summary.

Jen Fulwiler's reality TV show, Minor Revisions is all on YouTube, now....

Minor Revisions 1

Minor Revisions 2

Minor Revisions 3

On Electing the Pope....

Dorian Speed of Scrutinies has started a website called, appropriately enough, Electing the Pope: How the Papal Conclave Works, and Other Questions About the Papacy.  I will be looking at that a lot with my 11 & 14 year old.

Whether you're an adult or a child, you should stop here at the Vatican Insider to see the interactive graphic on the conclave.

What did you see around the interwebs this week?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Failing at Lent

Have you failed at Lent, yet?  

I think we all do, and I'm not going to call myself names because of it.  Some sacrifices are harder than others---like remembering not to say anything bad about anyone, or swear, because those things are such thoughtless habits that they come out before you know it.  

Aside from Ash Wednesday when I ate corn because it was masquerading as a vegetable and not a grain (tricksy, tricksy!), I seriously failed yesterday.  I started out making Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies (because we are trying to quit cereal, and I make the cookies with very little sugar, unlike real oatmeal cookies) for my kids, thinking that oats are gluten-free, and I didn't use anything to sweeten besides maple syrup, nor put any wheat flour in them.  Pretty soon, I had a chocolate-chip cookie that was nowhere near a Breakfast Cookie, or anything that my kids would care to eat!  But I enjoyed them!

It was much, much later when I realized what I had done---making something sweet for my kids, eating it, grain (albeit gluten-free!), sugar, and all, myself!  

Failing at our New Year's Resolutions every January makes us call ourselves names and then give up those resolutions.  Lenten penances, however, serve to remind us that we 

a.   make these sacrifices  in order to grow closer to God, and 

b. that we need His help to succeed.

I think of it as a call to deeper prayer.  Lots of people choose not to "give up" anything for Lent in favor of "doing" something like add prayer time, and that's fine, but I think the constant reminder, through our failures, that we can only sacrifice things for Him and with Him is good.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lenten Quick Takes (Sort of)


All the free time I had in January seems to have evaporated in February, so all the blog posts in my head probably won't get written.  I might have to just blog once a week, and make them each a quick take!


The Holy Father is on my mind and heart, and in my prayers a lot this week.  I don't know if it's the fact that the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes was Monday, and I wanted to watch The Song of Bernadette, but I keep thinking about how the Fr. Peyramale told her she would not be able to have a normal life, but would have to join the convent.  No matter how much the Pope may have wanted to retire to his home in Germany, he can't have a normal life either.  There is nowhere for a former pope, but a monastery and a life of prayer.  

I bought the movie on Monday, and watched most of it yesterday.  That scene breaks my heart, and you see hers breaking, as Father tells her what she must do.  And then when she says good-bye to Antoine, she is so at peace, though the rest of us may be sobbing, and I pray that good Papa Benny is at peace as well.


I'm still listening to The Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers on CD.  I'll probably finish it today and be waiting anxiously for The Return of the King to arrive at the library!  I think about the kind of person Frodo is (or was) at the beginning of the story----just like the rest of us (okay, maybe we're not ALL Country Gentlemen!), living his quiet life, interested in a little adventure, but not too much.  Suddenly, he finds himself on this Perilous Quest with an impossible task to do.  Despite the hardships, he keeps putting one foot in front of the other, expecting to be captured or killed at any moment, and the way forward is gradually revealed.  In the end, he can't fulfill his task without the help of others, but it always arrives just in time.  

It's an interesting Lenten read as Frodo travels his own Via Crucis, and sacrifices himself utterly for the rest of the Middle Earth.  And how often are we given tasks to do in our own lives that are quite beyond our capabilities, but we go forward in faith that if God has given the job to do, He will also provide the necessary help---not too soon, but just in time?  There's so much to think about!


On a lighter note....I've been meaning to share this video for all the Downton Abbey fans out there.  Or if you're just a Sesame Street fan.  The Dowager Countess looks just like her muppet!  They did a great job on her.


We haven't been talking about D.A. here.  Have you been watching?  I love watching everything unfold, but I don't long for it during the week because I know how it all ends this week.  :-(  I am completely miffed that on another blog where we were discussing the most recent episode, someone spilled the beans about the end of the season.  I mean, really, couldn't she just stick to that particular episode instead of ruining it for all of us?  

Sometimes Julian Fellows just ticks me off!  I don't know why he does some of the things he does.  I do know about the upcoming final episode, but I don't know why he killed Sybil; she was one of the most charming parts of the show---at least until she got married and became Tom's doormat.  Do you like what's happening?


Fish Frys (Fries?).  Yay or nay?  Do you do Fish Fry's?  Do you like the food?  My menfolk work  at them, and it's such a penance.  They work really hard for hours.  I don't care for the food---and that's putting it mildly.  I think tonight, I'll do the Stations of the Cross, skip the food, and start a new knitting project.


I'm done.  Now it's your turn for the 7th Quick Take.  Tell me what you're up to this weekend, or what you're knitting, watching, or reading!  


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Do You Do for Lent?

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow!  Did you know that?  I'm always surprised by the number of people who look at my ashes and say, "Oh, is today Ash Wednesday?  I need to go get my ashes!"  Not to be uncharitable or judgmental (which means I'm totally going to be), but why do you want ashes if you don't go to Mass often enough to know that Ash Wednesday is coming?  I really just don't understand.  I'm not judging their hearts; I can't; I just don't get it.  I'm actually happy they want to go, and maybe the priest giving the homily will be the messenger of the Holy Spirit.

I've been talking with my youngest two about what they're planning.  I guess they're growing up, and all the things we've done in the past they're getting too big for.  Sad.  They just want to make their own sacrifices without my telling them what to do.  

I have made a couple of strong suggestions, like:
  • Immediate Obedience (because I forget what I told them to do and it doesn't get done!)
  • Walking the Dog when he asks to go out, instead of waiting until he's whining and I'm mad.
  • No fighting with each other.
  • No TV until after dinner.
  • Reading Saint books.

They are going to have a couple of sacrifices that they didn't choose, though:  

We're going to go to Mass a lot more.
No sweets---I'm not buying or making any, even on Sundays.

Here are a few other ideas:

So, what am I doing, you ask?  
  • Daily Mass as much as possible.
  • 33 Days to Morning Glory Marian consecration retreats every Saturday a.m. to prepare for consecration on April 8 (the date of the Annunciation this year).  I've put together a small group of ladies to do this with, and I'm so excited!
  • I'm giving up all grains and sugar.  And yes, there is an ulterior motive here (or two):  weight loss and health.  For years, I've been reluctant to give up foods for Lent because it comes with those ulterior motives, so I thought those sacrifices weren't "worthy".  Even if I did give something up, initially, I would cave in at some point during Lent because "it wasn't a good enough sacrifice!" But after reading Simcha Fischer's post the other day, I realized that it's really the devil who doesn't want me to make these sacrifices.  He doesn't care about my health, and he certainly doesn't want me to make a difficult sacrifice and attach prayer to it!  These sacrifices are extremely difficult for me because of the addiction to sugar and wheat, and because I hate, hate, hate being different from everyone else and having other people notice what I'm eating or not eating.  So, there, I said it.  I may not say it again, but you heard it.  ;-)
  • And, sometime in the next 12 hours, I'll choose a spiritual book to read.  Most likely, Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth:  Holy Week.  (I think I just picked it. ;-)
So there you have it.  My Plan for Lent.  What's your's?  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Can a Pope Resign?

I was completely stunned this morning when I checked in to Twitter this morning to find lots of my reputable, Catholic friends posting about the Holy Father resigning.  It took a few seconds to register those words, and connect the Office of the papacy with the word "resignation".   They don't naturally go together!  The next thing I did was confirm that it was still February and not April 1.  Surprisingly, my husband who was getting into his car, had not heard the news.

Alas, it seems to be true.  God bless the poor man who wanted nothing more than to retire to his home in Germany before he was ever elected!  But John Paul II wouldn't hear of it; he knew that Joseph Ratzinger still had important work to do.

I am so sad that his health has deteriorated to the point that he can no longer complete his ministry.

I am grateful for the 8 years of wonderful service that he has given as Pope.

I will be praying for him very much over the next few weeks, offering my Lenten sacrifices for him.  I can't imagine what needs to be done for a pope to wrap things up, and get them ready to hand over to his successor!   When I said that first Our Father in my rosary, this morning, "for the Holy Father and his intentions," it brought tears to my eyes as it carried a new intensity!

I wonder why he didn't resign, effective immediately, since that is what would happen if he died.  The really sad thing about that is that we will have to listen to a few extra weeks of speculation by the heartless MSM while we await the results of the conclave.

It is so sad to lose a beloved Pope.  Maybe moreso to lose him in this way, since he hasn't gone on to his eternal reward, but to a retirement as the ex-Pope.

There is still hope, though.  A new Holy Father will be elected through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the Church will continue her long battle against evil.  I have no complaints with Benedict XVI and his papacy, but I know that a fresh outlook, a different way of doing things,  and a younger man can be a good thing for everyone.

V. Let us pray for Benedict, our Pope.
R. May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make 
him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the 
will of his enemies. [Ps 40:3]

Our Father,  Hail Mary.
O God, Shepherd and Ruler of all Thy faithful people, look 
mercifully upon Thy servant Benedict, whom Thou hast chosen 
as shepherd to preside over Thy Church. Grant him, we 
beseech Thee, that by his word and example, he may edify 
those over whom he hath charge, so that together with the 
flock committed to him, may he attain everlasting life. 
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Friendship Edition

Proverbs 18:24
There are friends who pretend to be friends,
    but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.


The theme of this year's American Heritage Girls sleepover is "Friendship," so it has been on my mind a lot as I think about what I might say at this event.  We have an opportunity to talk about a friendship that we have that is special to us.  My first thought was my bff from high school that I talk to every 3 years or so, and we catch up and have a great time talking long distance.  While I love her dearly, and my kids have all grown up hearing stories about her, it's not the ideal friendship. 


And then there's the friend that I met almost as soon as we moved here to GA.  The term "Best Friend" almost trivializes the relationship we have.  We are godmothers to each other's 14 year-old boys, (and her prayers for my son have been very helpful over the years) and we have been in and out of each other's daily lives for 16 years.


A true friend, like mine, tells you when you're wrong, and does it in such a loving, gentle way that, even if your feelings are hurt, you're able to look past that and see that she's right.


A true friend might get so busy for a while with life, and activities that never intersect with yours, that you don't see or speak to each other for a long, long, time, but will eventually call because she misses your companionship.


A true friend is one who prays regularly.  Not necessarily for you, though that happens a LOT, too, but enough that she hears the voice of the Holy Spirit telling her that you need a phone call and immediate emotional support!  She prays for you and with you, and gives good counsel.


A true friend supports you in your marriage, your faith, your parenting, and even your dieting.  She listens to you complain in person, by phone, by text, and by email.  She wants to help you get to heaven as much as her own family.  Hallie Lord writes about her good friend, today, too.


And you know, the amazing thing is that you can find and make friends like these on the internet?   

Tell me about your best friend!  What's the most important trait in a friend?


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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February: Off to a (not) Great Start

I think I spoke one too many times about how well our school year was progressing in January.  

Yeah, don't ever talk about how well things are going.

Now, Pip is "sick".  He has an illness of indeterminate nature which involves lying on the couch unable to work.  Thanks be to God, he has plenty of energy to wield his ipod and stay on facetime with his friend (who is suffering from mononucleosis) all day.  I heard that his friend is exhausted and unable to stay awake during the day, so it must be really boring to facetime with him!  They read books (different one) and watch movies (different ones) "together".  Really?  I remember watching TV and doing homework on the phone for 4 hours with my bestie in high school, but I was a girl and no one else was home at my house.  What's his excuse?

Late in the day, Pip mustered the energy to eat a hearty dinner and Just Dance at least to one song.

I think he was running a low-grade fever during the day---my hand works about as well as a digital thermometer for registering a fever.  As I said on Twitter yesterday, I would give my kingdom for a decent mercury thermometer!  Can you get those on the Black Market anywhere???? (Insert rant here about ridiculous government laws that ban mercury thermometers which I never broke in my life, but allow mercury CFL lightbulbs which break with some regularity and make us all sick.)

This morning, no one will wake up.  We have the tour at the hybrid home school this morning, and, most importantly, that black yarn that wanted to be a beret evidently didn't.  Last night, I had to rip out quite a few rows since I had messed up the pattern, and I'm hoping (all fingers and toes crossed) that I guessed correctly about which row I'm actually on, and we can move forward without any more major snafus.

If the Black Yarn doesn't want to be a beret, it may be relegated to the Bottom of the Stash which is very close to being in the Trash.

So, how's your February going?

Monday, February 4, 2013

February, Already! Daybook


Outside my window...
Dark and cold.  The sound of school buses turning around in my cul-de-sac.

I am thankful...
...for a good weekend.

From the school table...
We are still getting our work done by noon every day!  So much so that I'm going to have to create assign more work so they're not slugs all afternoon.  Pip and I are taking a tour of a hybrid homeschool tomorrow to see what their high school program is like.

In the kitchen...
This gelato.  Katie discovered this gluten-free gelato last week.  Check out the ingredients.  I think they're all gluten-free except for the ones that contain actual cookies.  It's a little pricey, but it's nice to have something with quality ingredients.  I used to be a Breyers fan, but their ice cream isn't as pure as it used to be.

Pulled pork and cole slaw for the Big Game.  Paleo BBQ sauce from here.  Aside from chips, of which I had only a few, and gelato, everything was sugar free.  We were very restrained.  I was using crispy squares of cabbage as a salsa and guacamole vehicle---because that's all chips really are.

I am wearing...
Workout clothes.  The big excitement yesterday was going to Target to buy Just Dance 4.  I played with Meg and Pip for a while, until their friends came over, and we all would have been embarrassed for me to continue dancing!  It was fun and tiring, so I got up to "Just Sweat" this morning.  The workout routine wasn't nearly as fun as dancing to songs that I choose myself, so I turned it off and did that.  I danced for about 35 minutes!  Who knew what fun we were missing out on all this time!

I know some of the songs can be inappropro (as Meg says), and that was confirmed when I heard them dancing to Britney Spears "Not So Innocent."  I was happy to hear Pip say, "Let's not ever play that one again!"

I am knitting...
This beret in black, which is totally the wrong color for such a pretty hat!  But, I'm using the yarn I have and that yarn wanted to be a beret. ;-)

I am going...
To be a little busier this week planning for an AHG Board meeting, making appointments, and working on paperwork.  All stuff I've been avoiding conveniently forgetting!

I am reading...
The Year of Learning Dangerously by Quinn Cummings.  It's very entertaining.
The Perfect Health Diet by Shou Ching and Paul Jaminet.  I think it's a pretty big book, but I'm not dismayed by that because it's on my Kindle, so I don't really know how big it is.  I just know that however much I read my percentage doesn't change very quickly!

I am hoping and praying...
For a lovely lady named Laura who is pregnant with Baby #6 (16 wks.) and has been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She already has a heavy cross to bear with a severely disabled child.  Please pray for her!

I am looking forward to...
lunch with a friend this week.  A sleepover with the American Heritage Girls.

I am hearing on my ipod...
The ipod has been fairly quiet this past week or so in favor of rosaries while I walk, and The Lord of the Rings on CD.  I'm on The Two Towers now.

Around the house...
My kitchen counters have stayed clean for several weeks now!  Maybe now it's time to work on keeping the junk off the stairs---you know, that stuff that you put there just until you go up, and you never see it again?  It's still there, but you don't "see" it!  Well, I see it, and it makes me crazy even though sometimes it's my stuff.

One of my favorite things...
When my grown up girl comes home to do her laundry and hang out with us for a little while.

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