Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good Clicks

On the Papal Resignation....

Inspired Angela has a video on Cardinal Arinze's reaction to Pope Benedict's resignation.  (From my perspective, Cardinal Arinze would be an awesome pope.)

On the Season Finale of Downton Abbey....

Maria Johnson's excellent summary.

Jen Fulwiler's reality TV show, Minor Revisions is all on YouTube, now....

Minor Revisions 1

Minor Revisions 2

Minor Revisions 3

On Electing the Pope....

Dorian Speed of Scrutinies has started a website called, appropriately enough, Electing the Pope: How the Papal Conclave Works, and Other Questions About the Papacy.  I will be looking at that a lot with my 11 & 14 year old.

Whether you're an adult or a child, you should stop here at the Vatican Insider to see the interactive graphic on the conclave.

What did you see around the interwebs this week?


  1. Thanks Sara for the links! (Now I need time to actually watch)!

  2. I saw Cardinal Arinze's response last week and was impressed by it. If I had to choose a cardinal to be pope, he's at the top of my list at the moment.

    1. He has been at the top of our list for years, though I think he's too old. He's over 80, so he won't be voting, and he's not likely to be elected. He's probably happy to have had that window of opportunity close.


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