Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February: Off to a (not) Great Start

I think I spoke one too many times about how well our school year was progressing in January.  

Yeah, don't ever talk about how well things are going.

Now, Pip is "sick".  He has an illness of indeterminate nature which involves lying on the couch unable to work.  Thanks be to God, he has plenty of energy to wield his ipod and stay on facetime with his friend (who is suffering from mononucleosis) all day.  I heard that his friend is exhausted and unable to stay awake during the day, so it must be really boring to facetime with him!  They read books (different one) and watch movies (different ones) "together".  Really?  I remember watching TV and doing homework on the phone for 4 hours with my bestie in high school, but I was a girl and no one else was home at my house.  What's his excuse?

Late in the day, Pip mustered the energy to eat a hearty dinner and Just Dance at least to one song.

I think he was running a low-grade fever during the day---my hand works about as well as a digital thermometer for registering a fever.  As I said on Twitter yesterday, I would give my kingdom for a decent mercury thermometer!  Can you get those on the Black Market anywhere???? (Insert rant here about ridiculous government laws that ban mercury thermometers which I never broke in my life, but allow mercury CFL lightbulbs which break with some regularity and make us all sick.)

This morning, no one will wake up.  We have the tour at the hybrid home school this morning, and, most importantly, that black yarn that wanted to be a beret evidently didn't.  Last night, I had to rip out quite a few rows since I had messed up the pattern, and I'm hoping (all fingers and toes crossed) that I guessed correctly about which row I'm actually on, and we can move forward without any more major snafus.

If the Black Yarn doesn't want to be a beret, it may be relegated to the Bottom of the Stash which is very close to being in the Trash.

So, how's your February going?


  1. Are my comments disappearing again? I've left two recently and they are gone.

  2. TS Eliot was wrong. February is definitely the cruellest month.
    Any chance your kiddo is in some way jealous of his friend? I used to do a lot of homebound tutoring so I know how much "NOT a picnic" mono is. Some kids were awake only 4 hours of the day when they were down with it. But kids only see it as "he doesn't have to go to school and just gets to lie on the couch all day and eat whatever he wants."


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