Monday, February 29, 2016

Lent Update

I'll bet you thought I gave up blogging for Lent! Not really; it has just fallen way on the back-burner lately for lots of reasons. I think I'm coming back....because I need an outlet for me. I am finding myself to be in a weird phase of life with 4 of my 6 children out of the house and the remaining two frequently in their rooms 90% of the time when they ARE home! Strangely, my life no longer revolves around my children and I've been at loose ends a little, lately.

I could get back to painting the trim in the basement, which I abandoned around Thanksgiving because Holidays, you know. I'm going to do that because it needs to be done, and I'm am also going to do some other things for myself.

I have plans to knit (of course), and sew, and read, and walk (a lot), and maybe blog. It is time to start remembering who I was before children....Well, maybe not. I am a different, hopefully better, person than I was before children, so I can't ever go back to that, but I can test the waters and find out who this new person is when she's not busy with Mom Stuff.

Friday, February 19, 2016

{PHFR} Winter Edition

round button chicken

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I started this post on January 29, and never finished it! I don't know what's up with me and blogging these days; it doesn't seem to be much of a priority, even though I generally enjoy sharing. I guess life is busy and I have other priorities. Say hi and tell me what's up with you!


Pretty yarn that I got for Christmas is turning into a pair of socks for me. Although, halfway through the second sock they seem to be on hiatus! Something else caught my eye. You know how it is! This yarn, though, is really weird; I've never seen yarn like this that is a completely different color in the sunlight. The blues turn into a greenish gray, so I'm not actually sure what color they are. What do you see? Of course, this is an indoor picture so they probably look blue.


I was having a bad day when I started this, so I sat down with my remote control, Netflix, and my new pompom maker. Pompoms are fun and good for the soul. ;-)


Pip wanted a Beardo for his birthday, so everyone had to try it on. Katie wore it best. 


I love this wool mitten. Did I show it to you when I made it (them)? Well, I lost one at the March for Life in DC. I had them on over my fleece gloves, but if I wanted to use my phone, I had to take off the mitten. Did that several times, and somehow I lost one. I'm pretty sure I have some more yarn, so I should be able to make another. They were really nice and warm. :-(

Our winter seems to be almost over. Lots of 60+ degree days in the forecast. I may not need my wool mittens much more for a while.


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