Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yarn Along from the Courthouse

I'm doing my knitting at the county courthouse this week! Yesterday I reported for jury duty and was not my normal, strong-willed self, so I ended up on the jury for a 4-day trial. 

I brought another Honey Cowl project since it's easy to carry, easy to put down and pick up during those minutes/hours of just waiting.

I started a Westport shawl the other day (look it up on Ravelry. I can't do links on the Blogger app!) It's going to be gorgeous, I hope, but the lace requires constant vigilance. Not a project for the courthouse!

Reading this week will consist of whatever non-fiction (I.e. Not gripping) I can squeeze in before my eyes won't stay open any longer. Commuting and sitting all day is exhausting!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Quick Takes on a Slow Computer!


It's Friday! One more event checked off the list! I barely know what day it is, except dh went to work (so, not Saturday or Sunday!) and we talked about weekend plans. But, I turned on the computer and was still surprised to see a blog post that said "It's Friday!"


We still have a busy weekend ahead, followed by another busy week, and I have a lot of managerial stuff to do with American Heritage Girls. My brain is fried, already. I think it's going to start leaking out my ears soon. Just ignore me if you find me muttering to myself in the corner!


And you know what's going to drive me around the bend? My slow computer! It's as if it just got 2 broken legs and is hobbling everywhere. I could seriously get my knitting out and knit a row while pages are loading! That might actually help me maintain my sanity....or I could jog in place and get some exercise...


On a happier note, I get to spend a chunk of the day with my favorite 25 year-old who came home for just a day!


In an effort to cope with the busy-ness without losing my mind, I did start a new book and a new knitting project! The book is Stealing Jenny, which is about a young mother of five who is pregnant and kidnapped by someone who wants her baby. Creepy, but I think it will turn out okay. 


I finally started a Honey Cowl with 2 yarns that have been in my stash for a while. I'm not so sure how I feel about the two of them in this project. Both the brown and the blue are lovely colorways, but I feel as if the blend is just muddying up the blue. What do you think? 


Got a leetle biopsy done on my arm Thursday. Waiting for results. If you want to say a prayer for a good result, I'll be thankful! 


Join the fun at Kelly's for more 7 Quick Takes!

And because I mentioned knitting and reading, I'm also linking up with Ginny!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


::Weekly Rambles::

What’s really on my mind and heart?
I am so ready for the month of May to be over! So much drama. So much stress. So very busy. So many bad decisions on the parts of too many people. So. Much. Over. It.

What am I thankful for?
Jesus and His mother Mary, because when I'm so over it, I know that He is all that matters and that they will both help me through it.

What’s going on in school?
Two more days. Then the very first graduation for our little hybrid school which will be both joyful and sad. Sad for reasons other than the usual children growing up stuff. Vague, I know, but not bloggable. 

What’s cooking?
I can't think about anything clearly, especially dinner. I'm sure I'll come up with something at the last minute, but not fast food as I was just telling my kids last night that it's fairly simple to make something healthy and delicious with minimal fuss when you're rushed or stressed. Of course. 

What’s on the needles?
Nothing. Maybe that's part of the problem---no coping mechanism. I finished my Liesl tunic on Friday, blocked it Saturday night (after wearing it unblocked!). Yesterday I spent about an hour fixing it after it snagged on something and pulled out a 20" loop! I will have to be very careful not to brush against snaggy things since it has such an open weave.

But, boy, am I itching to go buy yarn today! 

What’s special about this week?
Last day of school. American Heritage Girls Court of Honor. Graduation ceremony.

What am I reading?
Nothing. Again: No coping mechanisms. I've been a little afraid to pick up a novel that will be compelling and keep me from doing the actual work that needs to be done. I guess that's also why I don't have a knitting project yet.

What am I praying about?
All of it. Especially our AHG troop and leadership.

What’s on my ipod?/

What projects are happening at home?
Hoping to have new hardwood floors installed and little bit of bathroom work done. Really dreading the amount of labor involved in those endeavors.

Aren't you glad I decided to blog again after 2 weeks? ;-) Sorry for being so cranky! Except for the past 5 days, it has really been okay around here. We've had a Confirmation and a college graduation that I haven't had time to blog about...and drama...good drama, not the bad kind...more to come. Maybe I'll be back next week to update you some more. I actually have a couple/three draft posts waiting to be finished when I find the time and the brain-space (at the same time!).

Monday, May 4, 2015

Are we Friends?

Funny post title! Does it have you wondering?

Lately, I've been getting quite a few friend requests on Facebook. I think they're mostly spam because the people don't have any other friends to speak of. But there are some that do. My FB account is pretty secure, unless they've made changes that I don't know about, so I don't usually get strange friend requests.

I keep my FB friends limited to IRL friends and occasional blogger friends with whom I've developed a relationship over the years of commenting on each other's posts. So, if you have made a friend request that I have ignored, please don't be offended. It just means you need to comment regularly so we can get to know each other!



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