Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day PHFR

"Pretty" is probably debatable here. I'm unraveling a cowl that I didn't love to make some alpaca mittens for the snowstorm (4-6"). The yarn is pretty. The mittens? Not perfect. I've made only one pair before with a finer yarn. This is an attempt at bulky mittens.

"Happy" is enlisting my grown children to help me clean off the dusty, unused CD rack. Does anyone play CDs anymore except in the car? We tossed two trash bags of jewel cases and condensed the discs down to the binder below.

"Funny" is grown kids who come home for the weekend and within five minutes this is what it looks like! To be fair, I obviously had my phone in hand, too. And they're really good about putting them away to be with people. Phone usage usually has something to do with what we are talking about---like checking the weather!

Seriously, though, we had a great visit with them. I'm so happy they made the effort to come home when they both had the weekend off!

"Real" is the non-existent snow storm. It turned to rain after several hours of gorgeous, huge, fluffy flakes. So disappointing. I think the kids would rather go to school than have yet another day off and no snow to play in.

Full disclosure: this was TUESDAY's snowstorm (when the neighbors all had school and we didn't). Today, we have even less snow than this and no one has school. :-(
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mystery Knit

What is this? It looks like a monster! 

If you guessed Dog Sweater, you're right! Mullet Ski Mask would be...incorrect...and weird. ;-)

My sister asked me to make it for her little pup who can't keep warm in the snow and cold. He's also an odd size, so the extra small sweaters she has bought don't fit. I did my best to go by her measurements and basic patterns I found online. I also cut a couple out of sweater sleeves. (They were cashmere which had been washed and dried, so they won't shrink anymore. FYI cashmere doesn't felt in the wash.)

Anyway, into the mail they went....

They fit! Almost. The back is a little long, so she has to fold it under (or cut it off the sweater sleeves). We will have to figure out exactly where to measure to get the correct length. But he is adorable, isn't he?

Do you think I ought to put dog sweaters in Rosy Knits as a custom item? 

Thursday, February 19, 2015



 { pretty }

You may have seen these two on FB: my bookends, my twinsies, my two, precious girls. They both cut off their super-long hair in the same week, and Meg's new glasses really brought out the resemblance!

  { happy }

I couldn't handle going to another AHG meeting in my uniform khakis with the wide, nondescript, unflattering legs. So, I "skinnified" them in about 20 mins. Tutorials abound via the interwebs, but it's simply a matter of turning them inside out, marking the width of the ankle, and drawing a line all the way up. Stitch. I also took out one fold of the hem to make them longer. Why did I wait so long to do this?

 { funny }

 Looking in the freezer earlier this week, I saw that we had a container of potato-leek soup which would do nicely for Ash Wednesday supper. I pulled it out and put it on the counter yesterday, and thought it must be the more recently eaten Cheese Velouté (since I didn't see any lumps of potato or green leeks). In my last mintue reheating, I tasted it to see how warm it was, and imagine my surprise at finding out it was really leftover frosting from Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls! Yummy, but not exactly dinner after a long day of fasting!

Fortunately, I had a lone can of black beans that I spiced up and served with cheesy tortillas broiled in the oven and a salad. Starvation averted.

Label your leftovers, folks! :-)

{ real }

Out shopping for Valentines, I found a Spicy Shelf. And I love myself so much I bought it!  

Because this:

It made me crazy. Every. Day.

There was room for only one in my cabinet (because I couldn't move the other shelf!), so I have another Spicy Shelf awaiting a home (what riches!). Life changing, you guys. It's not all matchy-matchy spices on the shelf, but it's so beautiful and so much easier to find what I need, take it out and put it back! 

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Thursday, February 5, 2015


 { pretty }

My "little" one cut off a foot of her hair on impulse the other day! I suggested just a couple of inches of frizzies, and she opted for a couple more, and then, as usual, the hairdresser did what she wanted and cut off even more! I braced myself for an afternoon of sobs, but she was pretty mature about it and didn't cry even though she wasn't happy.

I think it's adorable!

  { happy }

...that I finally finished this scrumptious Cat in the Hat-style blankey.  You guys. It's so soft and cuddly, and a really nice, heavy weight, that I just want to cuddle it---kind of like a puppy! It's in the shop.

 { funny }

My salt grinder broke, and I have this ginormous container of Himalayan Sea Salt that's kind of cumbersome for the table, so I had to get a new shaker. Meggie and I could not choose between the cute fox and the hedgie! So we got both. I don't think household-y things were this cute when I got married eons ago.

{ real }

Lunch today. Did you know that Brussels sprouts are awesome just sliced and drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper? No cooking necessary! And prosciutto wrapped around jarlsberg cheese.  Fast and easy, not to mention

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