Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day PHFR

"Pretty" is probably debatable here. I'm unraveling a cowl that I didn't love to make some alpaca mittens for the snowstorm (4-6"). The yarn is pretty. The mittens? Not perfect. I've made only one pair before with a finer yarn. This is an attempt at bulky mittens.

"Happy" is enlisting my grown children to help me clean off the dusty, unused CD rack. Does anyone play CDs anymore except in the car? We tossed two trash bags of jewel cases and condensed the discs down to the binder below.

"Funny" is grown kids who come home for the weekend and within five minutes this is what it looks like! To be fair, I obviously had my phone in hand, too. And they're really good about putting them away to be with people. Phone usage usually has something to do with what we are talking about---like checking the weather!

Seriously, though, we had a great visit with them. I'm so happy they made the effort to come home when they both had the weekend off!

"Real" is the non-existent snow storm. It turned to rain after several hours of gorgeous, huge, fluffy flakes. So disappointing. I think the kids would rather go to school than have yet another day off and no snow to play in.

Full disclosure: this was TUESDAY's snowstorm (when the neighbors all had school and we didn't). Today, we have even less snow than this and no one has school. :-(
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  1. from an empty nester - it's different, quiet and nice, especially when they come for a visit.

  2. mitten are looking great!!! empty nester, here, love love when they visit, but we're pretty settled in our ways, so it's OK when they leave to get on with their lives. Like you, I'm just thankful that we're still 'fun enough' to visit!!!!

  3. Mine (big kids) look like that, too. And they are usually looking up some fact or video to share. Too funny. What ever did we do in the old days when we didn't know everything??!

    Your mitten looks like it will turn out fine after blocking. I don't have much patience for mittens. Like socks, they are too abused to take such a long time to knit.

    We got a load dumped on us overnight and all morning. Enough to keep us home from Mass. Hoping it lets up and the roads get cleared for 5 pm Mass. And I'm sooo tired of snow days.


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