Friday, December 20, 2013

Pre-Christmas Quick Takes


Advent draws to a close and the children are getting excited!  They'd be way less excited if they knew how much underwear is going to be under the Christmas tree.  Or that some of their gifts aren't even purchased yet because I don't know what to get them.

Funny how they can ask for stuff all year long, and suddenly, I have no idea what they want.  Does that happen to you?


I certainly like for everyone to be happy and have something special that they want for Christmas, but I don't think demand letters gift lists are quite in the spirit of the holiness of the season.  I'd like to buy things I think they'll enjoy and use.  But I'd also like to avoid the extreme of seriously useless and weird gifts like the ones I may have received as a child.


So, we're just a few days out from The Holiest Night of the Year, which is what I'd really like to be focussing on, and there are too many things on my Still to Buy list---Like those things that you can't get from Amazon, you need to go into the store to get, but all your plans to do so have been shattered, like the windshield, by unexpected activities.  You have those, right?  Do you also have the cracked windshield?


It has been so crazy around here that we haven't been able to do any homework (like the fun Advent activity of diagramming sentences that I had planned!) or even Christmas Crafts like these fun flowers:  (and if that Pin shows up, you can seriously give me a fist pump!  If not, sorry.  I'm not a career blogger.)


I'm breaking my Advent rule about not listening to Christmas music before the 25th.  I'm finding it one of the few things that reminds me why all this craziness is happening and helps keeps me sane.  (I think it's helping a little.  I don't burst into tears every day!) I do turn off the really crummy, modern covers of classics because those are never helpful.  Or the ones that avoid the real Reason for the Season.  Here's a modern rendition that I do like:

What are you listening to?


I am totally looking forward to decorating our naked Christmas tree!  I think this is the latest we've ever done it.  Generally, we do it on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, but we went to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Peter Jackson Smaug that day.  Afterward, we were tired and Meg had acquired a fever, so it hasn't gotten done.  Still not sure exactly where that fits on the calendar.  It might not be a Family Event but a Mom Drags Out the Ornaments and Lets the Kids Have at It type thing.


It's time to power down those phones and electronic devices to enjoy Christmas.  The only exception being last-minute Amazon purchases!

Hugs!  Enjoy your Christmas, I'll be back for the 12 Days of Christmas!


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  1. HA! Listening to my pandora station where I have fine-tuned the stupid music OUT.

    also, what? you don't like weird gifts?

  2. Listening to Kings Choir College holiday station on Pandora. Faith just turned it off during "hallelujah" after about the 30th hallelujah. Maybe time for Vincent Guaraldi.

    I know what you mean about gifts. One kid is getting a desk chair -- ugh. Another is getting my best guess because his request was a no-can-do. Sigh. Christmas would be awesome without the gifts!!

    1. I don't know Vince Guaraldi. I guess I need to look him up!

  3. I actually like gift list - but maybe that's because I don't feel obliged by them. I like them for times when I *don't* have an idea for what to get the person. It helps keep me sane. :)

    1. Jessica, I think that's a better way to explain how I feel about them. I like ideas, but I also value creativity.

  4. I get frustrated that the "Christmas" station plays so much, er, something that begins with c and ends with "ap." There are so many songs that should be completely banned from the airwaves, IMNSHO, and it seems like they're the ones that get 95% of the play time. Although I will say that in the last few days there have been a few more sacred ones. But those sacred ones make all the others seem so.....shallow.


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