Thursday, December 5, 2013

PHFR - Thanksgiving Recap

round button chicken

Haha!  Not really.  ;-)  These are my "new" Uggs that my sister bought and decided she didn't like, so she gave them to me.  I like the slouchy knit look better than the stiff suede ones, so there's that, but they slip off the heel and are hard to walk in without shuffling.  They sound like house shoes to me!


On our trip out to Missouri for Thanksgiving, we stopped to tour Washington University in St. Louis for that boy in the letter jacket.  (For the record, he loved it.)  But never mind those beautiful, cold children in the picture----look beyond where the sun is shining on the trees and see the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition location!  I know!  Straight out of "Meet Me in St. Louis"!  So. excited.

I wonder if the LMLD Library Project librarian would approve of my Christmas gift from Dad:  all 12 of the Andrew Lange fairy books!  I have several on Kindle since they were out of print, but he's been collecting this Folio Society edition for me for years.  So. excited.  It would be nice to have time to sit down and read some!


The Thinker Rabbit at WashU.  Weird.  And then, every winter someone knits him a sweater in the dead of night.  


The first 6 hours of our drive to MO looked like this, only a good bit darker for the first 4.  Thank heavens we hadn't planned to go to Virginia!

The other real is that all actual Thanksgiving photos are on my sister's camera and have yet to be uploaded and shared.  Probably because she just finished washing the sheets and cleaning up after our invasion!  I don't think she's used to having 7 extra people sleeping in her house!

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  1. i LOVED my copy of the "lilac fairy book".

  2. Oh those books!!! I think I fainted for a second! And Meet me in St. Louis is one of my all time favorite movies. As a little girl I wanted to be Judy Garland in that movie, with that hair!
    I love the shoes, btw, and I think it is awfully decent of someone to knit that poor ugly scraggly bunny a sweater! :)


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