Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday Fail

No, you didn't click the wrong link. This is not

This is A Shower of Roses where only good things happen. Right? Hmmm, not always.

After my little accident the other day, which I took a picture of, because I'm a blogging mom, TMax thought I should start a regular, weekly feature called

Friday Fail


Do I fail that often?

Now I know what he thinks of me.

Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. This week's fail:

My spaghetti squash exploded in the microwave and made a lovely, loud boom that the kids really enjoyed. It even made the microwave stop running.

But that's not nearly as good as the last exploding spaghetti squash of which I cannot locate a photo at the moment. That time, the microwave spat it out on the floor and slammed the door shut again! We went in the kitchen to check on the source of the disturbance and found the squash all over the floor and the microwave closed. Weird.

Even I will admit that was a pretty spectacular Fail.

There have been lots more spaghetti squash successes than failures. Honest.

Stay tuned. Let's see if I live up (down) to TMax's expectations!


  1. i'm sorry but that is so friggin' funny!!!
    and i must say - i can't believe you've done this more than once!! just envisioning a squash flying out of the micro and the door slamming has me in stitches!! LOL - You are funny and I'm likin' the Friday Fail!! Now you need an Icon/Logo for it ;) Maybe an exploding squash??? LOL

  2. oh that is great. i was at the grocery store today going back and forth on trying out spaghetti squash. ended up not getting it~thank goodness since it is so temperamental (not at all due to user failure)

  3. Oh wow! I love how your kids were so impressed with the explosion!! Too funny!! Have a really good week!!

  4. Oh!! I happened upon your blog this morning and it has made my day. I laughed so hard I cried. I am afraid to show my dh this post as I think he would be so fascinated he may want to try it himself. Too funny!

    I would love to participate in a Friday fail. I have a few goodies I could share, there's nothing quite so funny as self-deprecation.

  5. This is my first visit and I have to say your photos and confessions (Friday Fail - I love it) put a much-needed smile in my day.

    I'll be back Friday to see what you're up to. : )

  6. haha momma you do this all the time!! i think you should poke bigger holes in it next time you cook


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