Monday, February 29, 2016

Lent Update

I'll bet you thought I gave up blogging for Lent! Not really; it has just fallen way on the back-burner lately for lots of reasons. I think I'm coming back....because I need an outlet for me. I am finding myself to be in a weird phase of life with 4 of my 6 children out of the house and the remaining two frequently in their rooms 90% of the time when they ARE home! Strangely, my life no longer revolves around my children and I've been at loose ends a little, lately.

I could get back to painting the trim in the basement, which I abandoned around Thanksgiving because Holidays, you know. I'm going to do that because it needs to be done, and I'm am also going to do some other things for myself.

I have plans to knit (of course), and sew, and read, and walk (a lot), and maybe blog. It is time to start remembering who I was before children....Well, maybe not. I am a different, hopefully better, person than I was before children, so I can't ever go back to that, but I can test the waters and find out who this new person is when she's not busy with Mom Stuff.

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  1. Proud of you, ma! It's hugely exciting to rediscover who you are and what things you want for yourself! <3


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