Monday, February 4, 2013

February, Already! Daybook


Outside my window...
Dark and cold.  The sound of school buses turning around in my cul-de-sac.

I am thankful...
...for a good weekend.

From the school table...
We are still getting our work done by noon every day!  So much so that I'm going to have to create assign more work so they're not slugs all afternoon.  Pip and I are taking a tour of a hybrid homeschool tomorrow to see what their high school program is like.

In the kitchen...
This gelato.  Katie discovered this gluten-free gelato last week.  Check out the ingredients.  I think they're all gluten-free except for the ones that contain actual cookies.  It's a little pricey, but it's nice to have something with quality ingredients.  I used to be a Breyers fan, but their ice cream isn't as pure as it used to be.

Pulled pork and cole slaw for the Big Game.  Paleo BBQ sauce from here.  Aside from chips, of which I had only a few, and gelato, everything was sugar free.  We were very restrained.  I was using crispy squares of cabbage as a salsa and guacamole vehicle---because that's all chips really are.

I am wearing...
Workout clothes.  The big excitement yesterday was going to Target to buy Just Dance 4.  I played with Meg and Pip for a while, until their friends came over, and we all would have been embarrassed for me to continue dancing!  It was fun and tiring, so I got up to "Just Sweat" this morning.  The workout routine wasn't nearly as fun as dancing to songs that I choose myself, so I turned it off and did that.  I danced for about 35 minutes!  Who knew what fun we were missing out on all this time!

I know some of the songs can be inappropro (as Meg says), and that was confirmed when I heard them dancing to Britney Spears "Not So Innocent."  I was happy to hear Pip say, "Let's not ever play that one again!"

I am knitting...
This beret in black, which is totally the wrong color for such a pretty hat!  But, I'm using the yarn I have and that yarn wanted to be a beret. ;-)

I am going...
To be a little busier this week planning for an AHG Board meeting, making appointments, and working on paperwork.  All stuff I've been avoiding conveniently forgetting!

I am reading...
The Year of Learning Dangerously by Quinn Cummings.  It's very entertaining.
The Perfect Health Diet by Shou Ching and Paul Jaminet.  I think it's a pretty big book, but I'm not dismayed by that because it's on my Kindle, so I don't really know how big it is.  I just know that however much I read my percentage doesn't change very quickly!

I am hoping and praying...
For a lovely lady named Laura who is pregnant with Baby #6 (16 wks.) and has been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She already has a heavy cross to bear with a severely disabled child.  Please pray for her!

I am looking forward to...
lunch with a friend this week.  A sleepover with the American Heritage Girls.

I am hearing on my ipod...
The ipod has been fairly quiet this past week or so in favor of rosaries while I walk, and The Lord of the Rings on CD.  I'm on The Two Towers now.

Around the house...
My kitchen counters have stayed clean for several weeks now!  Maybe now it's time to work on keeping the junk off the stairs---you know, that stuff that you put there just until you go up, and you never see it again?  It's still there, but you don't "see" it!  Well, I see it, and it makes me crazy even though sometimes it's my stuff.

One of my favorite things...
When my grown up girl comes home to do her laundry and hang out with us for a little while.

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  1. Talenti is the best gelato on the planet. It even beats out the homemade stuff (which is awesome).

  2. Kitchen counters staying clean? and a quiet house? Those are things to celebrate

  3. enjoy your grown up girl when she comes home, that is sweet!

  4. I've heard so much about that Learning Dangerously book - must put it on the TBR list.

  5. Quinn Cummings? I remember her from the show "Family."
    Not a lot of counter space in my house. My hot zone is the kitchen TABLE, since it's too small for us to eat there.


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