Thursday, January 31, 2013

{PHFR}Hairs and Prayers!

round button chicken

Or Funny?  Meg has learned (with the help of YouTube, I think) to put her hair in a bow.  She has been doing it every day, and it's cute, but I am Not. a. Fan. of the bun on top of the the head!

I have gathered my candles for Candlemas on Saturday, assuming I can make it there.  I got some from Trader Joes, found a couple of new votives, and also found my emergency stash of Advent candles that I had lost!


Curling my hair with the "headband method" that I learned from Pinterest.  It's pretty easy to do, and it keeps it out of my face in the mornings at the school table, and then it has nice, big curls when I take it out later.  For my hair, which is "straight as a stick" (Thanks, Mom+), this is awesome.  It takes a while for it to dry (I start with it damp), but it beats standing around with a curling iron!  I could even answer the door, or walk the dog, with it up.  I'd rather not, but I could....

Lots of prayers going up for too many friends in need!  But our Blessed Mother can handle it, if anyone can.


  1. I'm always looking to get my hair out of my face, too, and that style looks lovely!

  2. What a good idea to have advent candles blessed and ready this far ahead, I'm always looking last minute.

    1. I've never had "blessed" Advent candles, so this will be a first!

  3. I like your hair! Umn. and what does it say about me that I would have no qualms about greeting anybody or even "going into town" if my hair looked that nice? I need to get to Trader Joe's and find some candles...

    1. Notice the picture is of the back of my head---it's not a cute in the front!

  4. I love the way it looks in the headband method - I'm going to try that out! Thanks!

  5. I was wishing I had advent candles for the blessing, but that is just way to much advance planning for me :) Well done on finding them at the right time.
    I think that having an attractive hairdo for while your hair is drying is key to being an efficient mom. Good for you!


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