Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Knits

 I finished Susie's Reading Mitts that I told you about a couple of weeks ago.  Yarn info is in that post, too. They were pretty quick, not difficult, and fun.  I especially like the surprise scalloped edge that I didn't see coming! I thought they might be good for blogging, and I'm wearing them now, so I can tell you that they aren't.  Particularly.  They're just a little too snug around the hand to allow my pinkies to stretch out fully and reach those shift keys!  But I wouldn't want them any looser, either, so I'll just have to blog with cold fingers.

I had 3 skeins of that yarn, and the mitts used a tiny bit more than one.  I was able to make this long-awaited slouch beanie with the rest of it (I have a tiny little ball left!) which my my girl loves.  She has been wearing it ever since I finished it.  I think I'd like a turn with it because the yarn is so soft and light and warm.  It's delicious.  I don't usually say that about yarn, but it is!

 Cute cables ended just in time, because I had had quite enough of them!

She's such a doll;  I think she deserves an adorable hat.


  1. Those mitts are so cute! Maybe they will stretch a bit as you use them. And my daughter would love that hat too!

  2. that yarn does look yummy. :) the fingerless mitts look great, and so does the hat. your model is very lovely as well. :)


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