Thursday, January 10, 2013

PHFR - Birthday Edition

round button chicken

Pretty Tired here, today.  Yesterday was a long, extremely productive day.  I can't remember when I had a day like that where I didn't take any kind of break to read blogs!  Every change of activity was to another kind of work.  

Part of our work was doing 2 days of schoolwork so we could take today off to celebrate Pipster's birthday.  Naturally, they're sleeping in.

But it was a GOOD day.  Maybe that's what happens when you start your day with God and not email?

I had a difficult conversation on the phone with a lovely lady for over an hour.  It was a conversation that has been hanging over my head lie...a whole year.  I didn't want to have the conversation, but I had to.  And I had lots of people praying for me.  

Thank God for praying friends.  And thank God for people who are truly beautiful, inside and out, and live their faith wholeheartedly and generously.  I wish I could be like that!

Is it funny when your son jumps off a 5-foot wall and hurts his leg so that he's crying and limping?  No.  But it's a little funny that he has enough experience with broken bones to reassure Mom that it is NOT broken this time!


They grow up.  From adorable, chunky babies to 14 year old young men who alternate between being little boys who jump off walls, to guys who want to look grown up at Mass.  The Pipster makes me laugh, makes me sigh, freaks me out, and gives me so much joy!

Happy Birthday, Pip!  I love you!


  1. Great post, I'm glad your phone call had the back up of prayerful friends. I also read once that asking your Guardian Angel to intercede with the other person's Guardian Angel works miracles. Happy Birthday to your son!

  2. I hope the phone call ended good. I, again, got to the end of this post and went, "Wait, this is not Jessica, this is Sara" and had to re-read it and think of you. I need to click over from Google Reader right away from now on.

    Happy birthday to Pip and God bless him!


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