Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back To School

I thought about doing a Daybook, but that might take more time than I have.  School starts in 15 minutes and I'm not ready---either mentally or physically.  But our First Days are usually like this, where the planning isn't necessarily all done.  We go through our subjects and books one at a time and make a plan.  They can either move on or they need to review a bit before we do.

We will start reading another book together.  I have it here on my toolbar:  Leaf by Niggle by     J. R. R. Tolkein.  I don't remember what it's about, but I wanted to start it last semester and we never got around to it, so we will start today!  I'm not a huge fan of reading on the computer, mais c'est la vie, I couldn't find a copy in our library system.

As we go through our school day, I will clean out the ginormous school basket that I keep next to the kitchen table.  It has acquired too many books we might use and haven't.  It's overstuffed and lacking space to put things we actually do use.  Does everyone have a basket or bin like that?

Getting back into a routine will be very good for us, and I'll be re-instituting the 15 minute chore break at 10 a.m.  Just as the Fly Lady says, you can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes (especially if you have helpers!), if you'll only start.  So, we'll take our little break every day and make some progress organizing different areas of our home.  It is quite likely that those moments will be spent taking down Christmas decorations a little at a time.  The only effort we have made at that is for DH to remove the outside lights.  The neighborhood requests that they be down by the 6th.

Time's up!  Off to the kitchen/school table I go!  I am grateful for this time spent with my children, and I'm looking forward to getting back to it!

Are you ready?  Or have you already started?  If past history is any guide, (and doesn't History repeat itself?) today will be lovely and efficient, and tomorrow will be the kind of day we don't talk about. ;-)


  1. I think that "Leaf by Niggle" is in the "Tolkien Reader," a paperback on the shelf across from our bathroom. xoxoxoo!

    1. I should have known that with all the Tolkein books in our house one of them would contain this story! Thanks, Love!

  2. Yes!! We have a basket like that in our kitchen too!! We started back yesterday and I cleaned out my basket too! It's so nice and orderly now...it had gotten so full of extra things over Advent and Christmas!

    Our day went really good, but my 10 year old is in a homeschool play (Oklahoma!) And had play practice from noon til 10pm last night (the play is this week, so it's pretty intense now) So, since she's my most distractable one to teach, it was an easy day! (PLUS I had that free afternoon:)

    Blessings on your new year, hoping today and tomorrow are lovely and efficient!

    1. My basket is much nicer now! That is a crazy long play practice! Our group never puts in that much time---of course, they're really cute and not very professional.

  3. We are having our unspeakable day today. So predictable. ;-)

    And I am just not in the mood to contrive pleasantness, so it will remain unspeakable.

  4. I got a little testy---it IS Tuesday after all. ;-) But we had nowhere to be until 5:30, so I had the luxury of making them stay at the table until it was all done to my satisfaction! It's much easier when you don't have to quit and go somewhere.

  5. I think I was more patient with multiple children. When Faith acts incorrigably, there are no other children to distract me. We made it through the day, and nobody lost her mind!


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