Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finding Time to Knit and Read Again

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I don't know what's going on here...besides lots of knitting and reading...I haven't had time for these things (outside of Christmas break) in a long while, but suddenly things are much more relaxed around the house.  To be honest, I'm pretty sure it has to do with reigning in the iPhone and computer usage, which was really just getting to the point where I'd had enough of social media, and wanted to do other things!

Loving. It.

(If I'm playing slowly on WWF, that's why.  Busy knitting.  Or reading.  Or both at the same time!)

This book was free on Kindle the other day, so I snatched it up when someone tweeted about it.  (Ahem.  Cut way back.  Didn't quit entirely.)  :-)  It's a fun book about one of my favorite movies of all time---isn't it one of yours, too???  It's a little repetitive with long captions on photos that say practically the same thing the text does, and I'm frustrated that I can't read the photocopied letters that she wrote to her mom (no reprint of those!).  There are also a lot of times when she says that filming such-and-such scene was the "most difficult" or "most uncomfortable."  I guess the takeaway there is that there were quite a few scenes that were hard on the children.  I'm dying to watch the movie again, once I finish the book, but I'm completely dismayed to find that we don't own it on DVD!  I'll be looking for it at the library today.

My knitting project is Susie's Reading Mitts, which might also be called Susie's Blogging Mitts.  My hands get cold here at the computer!  One mitt is complete, and the other is begun.  I'm absolutely loving this yarn which is Universal Dolce Merino---a merino/microfiber blend.  It is so pleasant to work with!

Just a tip---don't bind off too tightly!

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  1. I downloaded that book but haven't started it yet. I have an old-school Kindle so I won't be able to see the letters, etc. either. And we only have the movie on VHS--taped off the TV, commercials and all ;)


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