Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ombre Cakes and More!

It hasn't been a terribly, terribly, busy week, but I think I used up a lot of energy on the March for Life ATL on Tuesday.  After that, I think I was mentally overhwelmed by the thought of my first AHG meeting since November, and Meg's slumber party yesterday.  I could not get myself together for a couple of simple blog posts!

Father/Daughter Sock Hop 2013 (last Friday)
 And, lest you think I've completely abandoned AHG, I have been to a couple of Special Events, Board Meetings, and busy with my usual Behind-the-Scenes work!

I felt very unfocused this week.  I wonder how much that had to do with slacking off on the morning prayers?  I don't really wonder.  I know.  But can I make a wee confession?  I'm just a little bit tired of reading the Catechism every morning.  I let it go for a couple of mornings and then play Catch-up by reading about 3 days at once.  That doesn't help the tired-of-it aspect, though, does it?  I guess I'll just get over how I feel about it and just do it, because I do enjoy the time in the morning, and the other book I'm reading.  So I just have to make myself do it.  That's where personal growth comes from, right?

Lighting the candles on the birthday ice cream!
 Miss Marge had to go to her American Heritage Girls meeting on her birthday because I made her.  Yes, I made her because I had missed 4 meetings already, and I figured she would enjoy being with her girlfriends at a meeting than just at home with 4 of us!  I was right---she took cookies, and other girls brought food for their own badge work, and they sang to her, and she had a great time.  So, at, like, 9:30 p.m., we just put candles in the ice cream and sang Happy Birthday, and she finally got to open her presents!

Adding the final M&M touches
 No cake ON her birthday (or special dinner) because of AHG, and because we were making this monstrous ombre cake for her sleepover.

This monster needed a lot of frosting!
4 layers is a lot of cake!
 Six sweet girls came over, and the boys escaped for a few hours to Trivia at Starbucks, and most of them slept until their dads came to get them this morning.  I think it was fun, but I haven't had a chance to talk to the birthday girl yet.  One of the neighbors didn't leave at the appointed time---she helped Meg with her chores and then they both left!

I'm so glad Birthday Month is over, and now I can start getting un-addicted to the sugar that has taken over my life since before Christmas!  Yes, it's time to start that New Year's Diet!  How is yours going?

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