Friday, January 18, 2013

7Quick Takes


Life is cra.zay. these days!  Gettin' up to say those prayers, doing our schoolwork consistently, and having time for other stuff that we enjoy.  What is wrong with this picture?


I spent the first week back after Christmas Vacation filling in All the Blanks in our assignment book.  The first part of the year had been just a few weeks at a time, in case we got behind.  Guess what?  We got behind, and I'd adjust the schedule, and we'd get behind again.  During Advent--where I noticed a LOT of blank spaces in the schedule---we got so far behind we'd never finish this year!  So, I've warned the kids not to get behind because we're just Making It All Up if we do.  And I know we can do that because they're quite capable of doing extra lessons per day if they want a day off on Friday.


Yeah, it's only been a couple of weeks, but they are seriously CRANKING out the work.  Pip finishes by 11:00 a.m. most days.    Just kidding, because he has so much extra reading to do that he reads all day long.

Meg takes longer, but that's okay because we are git'n 'er done!


The dog is asleep at my feet because we are retraining him.  He loves to sleep in the pale pink chair that was my mom's.  When he gets shooed off that he's onto the leather furniture, which would be fine except that he's gotten possessive and growly, and just generally thinks he's a person and can do whatever he wants.  I'm here to tell you, Buster---You are a dog and your place is on the floor!  I'd be fine with it if he were cuddly and sweet, but he's not.  He's bossy and aggressive.


Speaking of The Dog...I'm looking forward to a long walk with him this afternoon.  The SUN IS SHINING!  I honestly don't remember the last time we had Sun.  It has been raining daily since Sunday, and before that it was cloudy for days on end.   So, so happy to see the sun again!


The kids and I are listening to The Lord of the Rings on CD now.   I'm shocked by people who don't like it at all (You know who you are!), but I love, love, love it.  It's so rich! Just like the Catholic Church.  I say that because one of the sponsors in my RCIA class used to say that all the time.  It got to be kind of a joke, but it's so true---about the Church and LOTR.


My back is aching from sitting at the computer.  It longs to be up and about---or lying on the floor stretching---so I'll do that and then take that walk.   You have a great weekend!


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