Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Birthday!

If I try to write anything, I'll cry.  Let me just say that 18 years ago today I was scared of having 3 children.  (And look at me now with 6!)  My Petey was, and is, a joy.  He's a beautiful young man, and I hate to send him off to college in 4 weeks.

Happy Birthday, Peter!  We love you!
(See?  I told you so!)


  1. He's so obviously your favorite.

  2. When I sent you off to college, I still had plenty at home to occupy my mind and heart. Not so many little ones anymore!

  3. Um, total FAIL, because If I had known his birthday was the 12th I would have totally outed him in the "off-key" birthday singing extravaganza at Trivia. Guess I should check that google reader more frequently and get off Pinterest.

    Happy belated birthday to #3. (the favorite second son)


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