Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sigh...Everyone's Blogging but Me!

My Google Reader is jam packed these days because everyone else seems to have time to blog.

Not me.  I've been (happily) spending lots of time in my basement painting and re-arranging.

The Exercise Room went from this on Tuesday a.m.

to this on Tuesday night:
New Expedit shelves from Ikea that Pete and Tom put together.

The beanbag is the only seating in there, so we have room for  exercise.

I moved in this big coffee table for the electronics.  Ignore all the tools on top and the  PS2  guitars underneath!
And the bonus is that my boys got ALL the electronic stuff to work since the cords had gotten confused somehow.

I finished the hallway today (except all the trim) and painted half the playroom.  So it's coming along!  

All that painting requires breaks to drive kids places, go to County Swim Meets and Doctor's appointments, fill out paperwork and go to the post office, shop, cook, etc.

In other words, I've been crazy busy, though it feels really good to get stuff done around the house.

What have YOU been up to?  Crazy busy?  Enjoying the summer with your kids?  Both?

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