Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Life is totally wacky these days. We are constantly running in and out of the house for swim team, work, shopping, chiropractor, playing with friends, etc.

I hardly know whether I'm coming or going, and every time someone leaves the house they leave a mess behind!

Today after I drop off the Little Princess at swim team, I'm driving over to visit our community garden. I'm not looking forward to it since KT said that my squashes had all developed a fungus over the weekend. That makes me so sad. I'll see today and, I hope, find out what I can/should do about it. This is the first time I've had a chance to drive over there this week.

One nice thing is that KT and Brendan are able to make the drive to The School to pick up Madden from football practice 3 days a week. Since they are hardly, or not at all, working. I'm trying to keep them busy around the house, but I don't even seem to be able to get my act together enough to do that. Is there such a thing as "Summer Brain" ???


After piano today it has turned out to be a quiet afternoon. Not greatly productive, mind you, but quiet and peaceful! I got my rosary in today on my way to and from the garden, so that probably helped a lot!

I was actually quite pleased with my garden visit this morning. The weather was lovely and cool and the plants didn't look as bad as I feared. In fact, I harvested a perfect zucchini (thank you, Spell Check!), a yellow squash, a couple of jalapenos, and a little lettuce. The worst thing there was an out of control spaghetti squash (They're evil I tell you! But delicious!) that was strangling a red pepper plant and had it down to the ground. It felt very creepy to pry its tendrils from around the pepper's neck! I relocated the pepper and trained the adventurous vine to go up the tomato cage! So I still have hope for my little garden.



  1. Quiet, unproductive afternoons - I Love Em. Relaxing is so much fun.

    Wow, you have an early growing season. My Squash plants are barely out of the ground. Thankfully I planted no Spagetti squash.

  2. ttfn, havent heard (read) that in eons ;)
    i wish i had the skills to do a garden. sounds lovely.


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