Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Seven

Yep, it's a Saturday Seven Six Several since Friday saw me too down in the dumps and tired from the weekly swim meet to blog.

Still tired, but much less dumpy. ;-)


The swim season will almost-but-not-quite be concluded with today's Championship held at the GA Tech natatorium where the 1996 Summer Olympics took place. It's a beautiful location and they get a big thrill out of swimming in an olympic pool. This will be Little Princess's first time swimming there. She foolishly bravely volunteered to swim an IM. Her first. I'm not sure she knows what she's getting into there. Unfortunately, I won't be there to see it since I'm blogging holding down the fort here.


We're trying to furnish KT's new apartment on the cheap this year. We're refinishing the top of our coffee table from the family room, and she might take that with her if it's not too big. It will double as their dining room table!

She's also decided to take an old dresser that I got as a child and we just inherited from my mom a couple of years ago. It's a nice sturdy dresser and I'll be happy to see it put to good use. And looking good again---that big sucker needs to be completely stripped and stained. Mom had painted it white---something she loved doing to furniture---and then it had been in storage for over a decade---so it needs work!

She still needs a bed and shelving---probably to go on top of the dresser to save space. Their new apartment is tee-niny.


We got our beef yesterday! So now our freezer is full of meat. 1/3 of a cow fits very nicely; I'm sure we could get a half cow in there, if we got rid of some of the other stuff. I was in such a hurry when I unloaded, I didn't see more than a few packages of liver. No heart or kidneys that I noticed. I'll have to take another look today. Not that anyone wants to eat them, but I need to find something to use them for!


KT quit her "internship" yesterday. Praise the Lord. We thought it would be a good way to keep her busy and teach her something at the same time. Maybe she would have learned something along the way, but it was really boring and costing us time and gas money for 60 miles a day since we really can't spare my car for her to take for the whole day. That should simplify our lives a little and now she'll have time to refinish her dresser and maybe paint my basement!


I need to wrap this up and head out to the garden for a quick check and watering. It has changed a lot since I last posted pictures!. Some of the gardens are amazing.

These pictures were taken after a few days without rain, so they actually look a little droopier than usual. My garden? Not so amazing.

Too many squashes which are afflicted with powdery mildew. It's better, but production is really slow. Nevertheless, it's kind of fun and I'm learning some lessons. Hopefully my skills will be better next year. I found out we get to keep our beds for next year if we want them!

One thing we are really enjoying are jalapenos! They're really hot and crispy. We ate several of the last night with dinner!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I always have trouble with squash, too! Your pepper plants look good!

  2. have fun with all that refinishing of furniture.

    hubby makes great "appetizers" with jalapenos. slice lengthwise, remove seeds, fill with cream cheese, wrap in bacon and bake. I'd have to ask him how long to bake them for. But we love these! (and I don't even like bacon!!)



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