Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

I know I'm late posting these, but I thought you might enjoy seeing dh's goofy present! See how excited he is?

We got him a pair of Vibram's 5-finger shoes. They look really weird. Like gloves for your feet. But they're pretty comfy, from what I hear.

Despite the fact that Flylady says you have to get "dressed to your shoes" when you get up, going barefoot not only feels good, but may actually be better for you.

I'm getting me some next!


  1. okay, that's just plain odd.

    I prefer my LL Bean slippers or just a pair of socks meself.

  2. i am having a conundrum. . . are those wickedly awesome or wickedly weird?!?! i would thing the stuff being around your toes would be annoying.

  3. bizarre looking indeed! they feel good though?


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