Friday, June 5, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


Last night's swim meet was rained out after something like 28 events. There was a lightning strike so we had a 30 minute delay, but the officials determined from their iphones that lots more bad weather was coming, so they called it a tie. I was very glad. As Place Judge, again, I was coming down with a cold, and was tired of being cold and wet! Place Judge is normally a great job because you get to see all your kids in their races, but you get very wet when sitting near the diving blocks. That's okay if it's hot and sunny. Not so much when the day's high was only 77 and it's getting colder.


My Dh, The Georgia Rambler, has a couple of new book reviews up. Check him out. Subscribe to his feed. He's awesome, and he doesn't have the Summer Brain; his brain works really well all the time!


I got out the Little Princess's quilt yesterday for the first time in forever. I started to piece together the back, and then about 7 extra children descended on my house and I couldn't work on it while worrying about what they were doing. Maybe I'll get to it today.


Maybe I'll work on the quilt, but maybe, just maybe, I'll take TMax out shopping for a piano! I'm excited about the possibility of finding a piano whose quality matches his skills, so we're going to check out a place his teacher recommends. We already went to the Steinway Gallery where he turned up his adorable, freckled nose at the $48,000 Steinway and preferred a much less expensive brand. That tells me he needs to play a wider range of pianos! I think he just chose the one that felt the most like his teacher's. Any tips on piano shopping out there???


I'm dying to go see "Up". That's another possibility for this afternoon, but we'll see.


What are your big kids doing for the summer? My 2 oldest need work, which appears to be a fruitless search. KT is selling books on Amazon for a little money. They're also going to hold a garage sale after we declutter the house, and they get to keep the proceeds. Madden is too young to work at age 15, so he's just sleeping off all his football workouts, FBing, and whining about being bored.

What do you do with them all summer???


A couple of interesting phone calls this morning. One from a lunatic concerned lady in the neighborhood who complains about everyone letting their kids walk through her yard leaving trash behind, letting their dogs poop in her yard without cleaning it up, turning around in her driveway after the swim meet. OMG, the list goes on! She actually got a video camera to find out who the culprits were and then called to complain again today (because dh is on the HOA Board). It's so hard to have Christian charity because she complains on and on without a breath and acts as if it's the Board's responsibility to keep everyone from touching her property. So she did call the alleged dog pooping culprit, a very nice yet strong lady whom I knew could handle it, who then called me to find out about the "nutcase". She went to view the video to confirm that her dog only peed in the yard and that's why she didn't clean it up. But then she had to listen to the litany of complaints about the neighborhood, as I did. It must be hard being her (the complainer), to feel as if everyone in the neighborhood is against her. We live in a very nice neighborhood. Most people are friendly and helpful and work together to make this a nice community, so it's sad that she feels so mistreated. Her attitude and her response only make it worse.


Visit Jen's for more Quick Takes and have a great Friday, y'all!

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  1. When My mom worked for a piano/music store back in the late 70s she bought the piano that had the sweetest sound....says she always knew when THAT piano was playing despite the noise in the room.

    Today I still play that upright Yamaha! and it still has the sweetest sound and most fabulous touch of any piano I've ever played. INCLUDING the Steinways!!

    Also, this piano was in a fire. SOAKING wet and covered in soot. 10 YEARS later, (without ANY maintenance) not a bit of damage could be seen. Matter of fact the repair man/tuner told me that he'd never know it'd been in a fire if I hadn't told him. He also said that Yamahas are one of the few pianos that actually accrue in value instead of depreciate (pianos are like cars). Because they are so very well made.

    I would let your young player pick out whatever piano felt and sounded the best to him. After all, he's the one playing the thing. And believe me, when you love your instrument it shows in the music. :-)

    And I totally relate to not being able to quilt because of the kids. :-)

    found you through the Catholic Mothers blogroll.
    Nice to meet you.


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