Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Shirts!

We got new shirts, printed by Nielsen Design Studios, to show our support for Hitch and Madden at the football games. It's late in the season, and #58 will be retiring after 3 more games, but he says he'll take it when the season is over. I'm not a t-shirt wearer for the most part, but I'll make an exception for my boys---I'm so proud of them! They work really hard for their team and are very dedicated.

Plus, the printing on these is awesome! Check out Jeff's work.


  1. Noticed the artful dodge of the school name there.... always being a safe mamma!

    T-shirts are better than jerseys for sure!

  2. It's an artful dodge of the family name, not the school. But yeah, I don't put that one in either because I don't want the weirdos kidnapping those strapping 6+ foot boys after school. lol.

  3. Nice shirts! :)

    BTW, I forgot to tell you... don't wash them. The print will come off.



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