Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 Random Facts

Tagged by my cake-baking friend Shannon for this game---which was very timely as I logged on this a.m. and wondered, "What pearls of wisdom shall I impart to the blog-readers of the world today?" Without further ado----

6 Random Facts about ME:

1. DH and I watch a lot of movies. We always have. There were a few years BC (before children) where we could call all the Academy Award winners. But I can't remember lines from movies, especially on command. Hear that, Kath and Shelly?

2. I stole my mom's pantyhose to wear to school in the second grade. 2nd grade! Even though I looked like the saggy, baggy elephant, I felt very grown up. Back then, pantyhose didn't have the "memory yarn" they do now!

3. I saw Kansas in concert twice. Once in 8th grade with my pothead boyfriend, and once in 10th grade as the blind date of a midshipman at the Naval Academy. What was my mother thinking? (Probably that I was a good girl, and she could trust me. And I was. Really.)

4. I worked at a movie theater during high school and my co-workers gave me a case of Heath bars for my 18th birthday. Yummy!

5. Two of my 6 babies were born in a bathroom----one at home and one in the hospital. And, NO, they didn't fall into the toilet. That's what the kids always want to know.

6. On that same theme---3 were born at home and 3 in hospitals. On purpose.

I'm not going to tag anyone, but I fully expect all of you lurkers and non-lurkers to play along because this is an easy one! Just leave me a comment and let me know you're playing.


  1. You smarty pants!! I just logged on to leave a comment on your Bounty Hunters post and say "TAG" but you beat me to it!!
    Panty hose.....that makes me laugh. I can just imagine it :)

  2. You beat me on the bathroom stories. I decided to play along as well. Sorry I haven't commented for a while. So here goes.
    My boys are totally jealous of you guys seeing the bounty hunters. We are huge Star Wars geeks at our home.
    Love your haircut as well. Sorry it was such a pain getting it.

  3. OK, so I just have to get all serious...but, you know I love to laugh...I just cannot "writefunny", but thanks for the exercise, as it was fun!
    love in Him who is Love, SS
    ps 6 random things is my post 2day


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