Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to Get a Gorgeous New Haircut

1. Make an appointment with a slightly grumpy, ex-New Yorker, Italian hairdresser (that you've been going to for years).

2. Take a few minutes to peruse the Short Hairstyles mag on the table while he finishes up with the previous customer.

3. Find, not one, but 3 pictures of similar haircuts with side and back views so he'll know exactly how you want it to look.

4. Let him cut your hair.

5. Chat about his stock market investments.

6. Thank him and pay him (handsomely, I might add) for his services.

7. Go home and take a good look at your stylish new do, especially the back.

8. Find a new hairdresser who will listen to everything you say, not just the parts he agrees with, and who will give you a haircut that is slightly less boring and unstylish than this one.

No, you don't get a picture.

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  1. OH NO!!! I'm so sorry! This has happened to me too. I tried to console myself by saying, 'Oh, it's only hair', but gosh...I'm only human!! Here's hoping that you have a quick and fast grow-out period!!


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