Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Funday

Fridge leaks! Fun! We've been hearing a funny noise from the fridge all week (?!) and the Master of the World had some quiet time at 6 a.m. to check it out. Yep, the hose to the icemaker had sprung a leak (how long ago????). There was a huge puddle under the fridge and a very large expanse of wet ceiling in the basement. Some wet carpeting, too, where it had actually been dripping. Nice.

Fixing my aching neck! Fun! Starting the day (after the leak, that is) with a trip to the chiropractor to fix my neck that I injured (sleeping!) on Monday night. I made an emergency trip to see him Tuesday because I couldn't turn my head. Got to go back first thing after blogging to get him to finish the job. It was so bad he couldn't get it all in one visit.

Finding time for Friday Funday between blowdrying the carpet and drywall. Fun! I'd like to squeeze in some schoolwork, but I'm pretty sure we'll be dealing with the wetness in the basement before co-op.

Finding my voice! Fun! The Little Princess came down with a bad cold on Saturday and it's working it's way through the family. I can hardly talk now. I feel much better after 2 good nights sleep (thank you, Nyquil), and 2 naps yesterday, but no voice. The kids are happy about that, though. We haven't gotten a ton of work done this week.

Friday Co-op! Fun! Well, maybe a little. I'm not teaching. Praise the Lord! And the kids get to go to the mobile lab today, so it might actually be Fun!

Football game! Fun! Home football game tonight and I don't have to work the concession stand! That should actually be fun, too.

So, it looks like the day is going to get progressively better, despite the fun start. And I keep reminding myself that I'm not recovering from having a huge tumor removed from my brain, like one of my dear friends. I'm not facing my mortality and the fear of leaving my family. I'm reminding myself to offer up these minor annoyances for someone who is having way less fun than I am and she's doing it with incredible grace, faith, and joy!


  1. Yes, so true (last part). When I was walking all around the hospital trying to induce labor with my second I was all grumbles and woe-is-me and complaints until I realized that I had walked past the oncology department about six times!!!

    Take care! Hope your neck is better soon. Ouch!! Hope your day is good.....

  2. I'm terribly sorry about your friend. It wasn't until I read through your post a second time that I realized that you knew someone personally who is going through this....
    Sorry if my first comment seemed flippant.
    Prayers for you and your whole communtiy.
    Hope your weekend is restful, and again...sorry.


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